MSI Afterburner 2.3.1 (2013-01-23)

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    Lets see edited post, severely, check, won't get a reply except bye, ok.

    Set prefs in nvidia control panel to prefer maximum power,
    Multi display is set to one(probably wrong),
    Vertical sync is set to adaptive(" "), set to off and to on at different times.

    Driver is 306.02, that's what's on the hdd at present, I've erased more drivers than I have on the hdd, I've got 306.23, 306.63, 310.33, 310.54, 310.61, 310.64 & both 310.70's, plus ol 320.00 which has not proven to be any better, but then I'm not a gamer.

    Nothing else to be said, even an apology would not do any good and some wonder why I isolate Myself from nearly everyone, I have severe anxiety problems that are untreated.
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    any reason? or just dont feel like it? Afterburner isnt open source correct?

    I'd like to "not" have to use a different PTT hotkey as I do for everything else which means i either change what ive used for years to something i can hit with my left hand on the keyboard or..... well thats about my only option it appears.

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