Move to 1440p or keep Eizo Foris FS2333

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Stefan88, Nov 8, 2019 at 7:21 PM.

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    I have been reading this site since I had a Radeon 9600 PRO, yet this is my first forum post :eek:

    Several years ago, I purchased an Eizo Foris FS2333 monitor (1080p) for home use.
    I'm still using it to this very day.

    At the office, a Dell U2515H monitor (1440p) is provided.
    I have really come to appreciate the additional screen real estate of the Dell monitor.

    It turns out that my home screen has kept it's value rather well.
    As such, I could
    - swap it for a used Dell U2515H at no cost
    - swap it for a new Dell like the U2518D at €100 cost

    • Having recently assembled a more powerful computer, I do play more videogames than before.
      I'd say up to 10 hours / week, but usually less than that.
      I use a controller and don't play online game, I guess I'm not a "real" gamer :p
    • I don't do photography.
    • I have been thinking about learning how to create music using a computer/midi controller for the longest time.
    • I use my screen 2 days/week for software development.
    • I'm not willing to spend a large amount of money.
    I'm hoping someone on here has (anecdotal) evidence as to why changing screens would be a good or bad idea. Perhaps reasons to keep the current monitor or good tips on used 1440p models that would make for a good swap. Maybe someone who has seen similar screens side by side...

    Thank you!
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    id probably recommend two screens, for the software dev and making music,

    the higher the resolution the more dependant on gpu it is and lesser on the cpu, thus youll need to maintain a little more grunt in the gpu for it to be enjoyable,
    the vega 56 you have should be fine for 1440p 60fps mind.

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