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Motherboard to go with Threadripper 2950X

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by MIC12, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. MIC12

    MIC12 New Member

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    Hi , my bad if this has already been created before , but I'm looking for some motherboard recommendations for amd ryzen threadripper 2950x's processor.

    I've came across a few results of the best fitting one which is the asus zenith extreme , however there seems to be a lot of faults being pointed out in the reviews for those who have bought it.

    I'm trying to look for a few alternatives here.

    Pc would be mainly built for work , eg graphics and illustration rather than gaming.
    Can anyone please help recommend? Thanks!
  2. Astyanax

    Astyanax Maha Guru

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    GTX 1080ti
    ROG Zenith Extreme, the 'faults' are without merit and just reviewers being nitpicky.
  3. xrodney

    xrodney Master Guru

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    Aorus 1080ti xtreme
    I went with MSI MEG x399 Creation for my 2950x.

    - better VRM and their cooling than on Zenith
    - According to feedback fan under shroud get noisy on Zenith
    - Both cost about same but for Zenith its recommended to get cooling kit upgrade which add on cost and I even then i cant use it as it would seems to collide with my top radiator fans.
    - I have 7 sata drives so 8 ports on Creation helps
    - I prefer added m.2 card on Creation over Dimm.2 on Zenith (better cooling and can use it on any motherboard)
    - Zenith offer 10Gb nic card, but I already have multiport Server NIC from intel which is way better
    - Also I really dislike buttons placement between 24pin ATX and EPS connectors as it would make it difficult to access because of cables and watercooling parts like tubes and reservoir being in way (prefer easy access on bottom of motherboard).

    Only pity on MSI is less user friendly and less configurable bios compared to Asus, but it works just fine.

    Also I saw over past 12 months a too many discounted Zenith and Taichi x399 mobos listed as user returns to risk it at 600 Euro price.

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