Motherboard Choice for a 13700k build

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    The base build consists of:
    • i7-13700k
    • G.Skill Desktop RAM Trident Z5 RGB 32GB Kit 6400 MT/s DDR5
    • Corsair CPU Cooler H170i iCUE Elite
    • Corsair Obsidian 7000D Airflow TG White Full Tower
    • 2 x SAMSUNG 990 PRO 2TB
    I will keep my PSU 850W and my MSI 3070 for now.

    I am planning of overclocking or at least have a stable performance as the build will be used in Flight Simulators and single thread performance in MSFS is vital.

    The system will work with 2 monitors in native 1440p resolution.

    I am thinking of the following 2 options for a motherboard:
    • Gigabyte Motherboard Z790 AORUS ELITE AX (Z790/1700/DDR5) or
    • MSI Motherboard Z790 MAG TOMAHAWK WIFI (Z790/1700/DDR5)
    What's your opinion on which of them i should go for?

    Of course any other proposal is welcomed. I am going to buy the things in Greece.
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    Same answer as on other forums below but if you want a real answer. MSI motherboards are easier and more noob friendly over gigabyte

    Cheap Z690 will work just as good with 13700k.

    EG: PC Game Z690 13700KF up to 6200Mhz


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