Motherboard chipset problems

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  1. I own a <br>
    gigabyte 6xbD motherboard with 2 pentium 3 800mhz processors<br>
    384mb of pci 100 Ram<br>
    3d prophet 4000xt<br>
    Ive had quite a few probs with the graphics card at first i though it was overheating but my temp sensors say everything is fine and its got loads of fans, i rang the hercules tech support and asked and they told me about the problems that the kyros are having with motherboards with intel chipsets.<br>
    Basically what happens is every so often when i start a game everything goes black and my monitor goes into sleep mode meaning theres no signal from the vid card.<br>
    Is anyone else having these probs?<br>
    or does anyone know of any possible cure?<br>
    As yet i havnt seen or heard of one but have heard of the prob quite alot there was specualtion on a new driver to sort it but theres no offical news.<br>
    If anyones knows anything that can help then id like to know.<br>
    Got all the latest drivers and directX 8.0a running on winsk2<br>
  2. TotalVR

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    I haven't heard of any problem between Kyro and Intel mobo's. Are you sure your problem isn't the more then 256mb system problem? Try taking out 128mb of system ram and see if the problem still occurs. BTW Hercules have just released new Prophet 4500/4000XT drivers within the last few days so make sure you have them installed.
  3. Its more stable but still the same problems just not as often. Also is there gonna be a drvier to sort that because i need about 1024MB RAM for my vid editing and texture rendering so im gonna have to upgrade soon.
  4. TotalVR

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    The more then 256mb problem has grown less severe and less widespread with every driver, for instance the new driver stopped the bug for lots of people. Hopefully soon nobody will have any problem with more then 256mb of ram.

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