Most underrated and Overrated game

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    im really not getting why people are saying farcry isnt stealth based, the whole point of it is that you can either run and gun are stealth it - hide in bushes use stones to distract gaurds etc etc. its like the hitman game sin a way - if you run a gun through it your complete it in hours and not enjoy it, but to play it properly would take you weeks
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    The thing that separates it from your Hitman comparison is that it was far too easy to run and gun making stealth play unrewarding.

    And come on... it wasn't really a stealth game. It sure as hell wasn't marketed as that.
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    Underrated: Gothic2+notr, Farenheit
  4. UG_PL

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    Underrated : Battlefield 1942 , Test Drive Unlimited .

    Overrated : Halo 1,2 & 3 , Doom 3 , Forza .

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    underrated:quakewars overrated:quakewars :)
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    Overrated: BF2, Halo for definate and WOW

    *Guild Wars: Spent many happy hours playing GW, free online
    MMORPG, very good community, no grinding to level 10000000000000

    *BF1942: Played Lan and i never had soo much fun, spent loads of money just to stay at a gameshop playing with my mates =)

    *Fable: Brilliant RPG, so much to do, played it on Xbox and still play it now =)
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    Run and gun in Hitman-series is easy. But if you play it like an action game you ruin the fun IMO.

    Same thing about some levels in Far Cry. You could fight ur way through and it wouldnt be that hard or use stealth to add some challenge and variety, change the pace of the game. The latter option makes for a better gaming-experience IMO.
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    hey you with the red t-shirt...sigh
  9. Darkest

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    Another hugely underrated series: Thief, 1-3

    Quite possibly amongst the greatest games of all time.
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    Agreed :)

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    Overrated Games

    Half Life 2 (and Episode 1). It's cinematic, yes but a good game? No. Too much filler while you work your way from one set piece to another. Episode 1 was dire, the first 4 chapters were appalling and only the last chapter, which was excellent, gives hope for Episode 2.

    GTA: San Andreas How to ruin a good thing and try to do too much. The humour seemed more forced than previous entries and the game overcomplicated itself by going for quantity (size and features) over quality. A good game, just not as good as it's hype.

    Obilivion Bored me to tears. Looks beautiful, but too beardy for my liking.

    Underrated Games

    Psychonauts Fantastic game that deserves a place on everyone's hard drive. Great humour and lots of fun.

    No-one Lives Forever 2 Forget the first one, it was little more than average. The sequel was excellent and overlooked by far too many people. If only we could have a third one.

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