Most underrated and Overrated game

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  1. roguesn1per

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    yes it was talked about...but yet noone plays or singleplayer....
  2. mark501

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    Disagree about the sneaking. Whenever I could I used stealth only picking of a few baddies with the silenced MP5, sneaking pass the rest. The hide-and-sneak part of Far Cry was IMO surpsingly good for an action FPS
  3. icecold1983

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    overrated = everything made by ubisoft for pc and nearly everything made by ea for pc because no words can describe how crappy their crap is
  4. Darkest

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    Definitely agree with you on Dawn of War. It's probably the best RTS I've ever played - by far. Yet games such as C&C3 which don't have a light to shine on it or its expansions get huge acclaim in comparison.

  5. roguesn1per

    roguesn1per Guest

    wow you would get bored nearly 60% games are ubisoft and EA..

    And for the last time....EA and ubisoft dont actually make the games.
  6. icecold1983

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    ea has internal dev studios, i think ubisoft does as well, but i know for a fact ea does
  7. Ryu5uzaku

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    still they don't do nearly all the games :eek:
  8. RachaelH

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    I really enjoyed Sacrifice but not many like it :p
  9. sunn

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    Day Of Defeat: Source
    FlatOut 1/2 -Always seems to be fun
    Timesplitters [PS2] - Great single/campaign mode, multi-player, story and plot
    Sonic Adventure [Dreamcast] - best sonic game
  10. I hope you're right :)

  11. Dieheart

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    Yea you can get away here and there with a few kills with a silincer. But when it comes down to you sneaking past a large amount of gaurds, its just not gonna happen. I even tried laying on the ground, moving inch by inch behind a gaurd in a strait path. He still heard me. " You hear that" " whats that" etc, etc.
  12. Feninski

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    dont telling its bad but its not how i had expected...and from my point of view its really overrated...but its a question of taste
  13. OH SNAP! Forgot about that one, awesome game!
  14. Staticprimer

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    erm... that's the definition of overrated.
  15. RachaelH

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    Giants: Citizen Kabuto

  16. Grymn

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    Underrated :

    Armed and Dangerous
    Quest for Glory V
    Elder Scrolls 2 : Daggerfall
  17. FritzC6

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    100 % agreed , Fallout 1 is the best game i've bought so far
    those were the days ......

    and a bit about ubisoft
    they have 2 dev studio's that i know of
    montreal and shangai
    montreal is responsible for chaos theory ( the best in the series) and shangai was responsible for the pc port of double agent wich was unplayable , bugged to oblivion and generally rushed for holidays
    oh and not to mention all support for this game is gone from there forum , incredible :peeleft:

    but ubisoft has many other talented developers and releases real gems to ( il2, lock on , faces of war etc )
  18. RachaelH

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    woo land sharks :D
  19. desertjedi

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    Most Underrated: Full Spectrum Warrior

    You used RTS-style tactics in an FPS-style environment and graphics. Firefights could be extremely tense-if you were caught in a bad position, the game would mercilessly rape you - just like in real life. Being able to zoom in on the enemy with the game camera made for some very cinematic sequences.

    But you either loved or hated this game. I showed FSW to my FPS buddy and he was like...yeah, that's nice. Don't I get to shoot my gun?

    Most Overrated: Doom 3

    Um, it was mindlessly dumb.

    Most Overrated Runner-Up: Far Cry

    Awesome graphics but way too much of a run-n-gun FPS. I wish they had made it into a stealth shooter and rewarded you for killing as few enemies as possible.
  20. RachaelH

    RachaelH Guest

    Jade Empire's soundtrack :p - love it

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