Most underrated and Overrated game

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  1. DrSiN

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    Overated : Halo , Half Life 2 , Anything after "The Sims" in the series , Oblivion , Civilization 4 , Call of Duty 2 , any battlefield game after 1942 , FEAR , Gothic 3 and all sports games published and developed by EA since 1998

    Underated: Galactic Civilizations 2 DA , Dreamfall:The Longest Journey , Fahrenheit , Freespace 2 , Starlancer , GTA3 & GTA SA (Not exactlly underrated i'll say unapreciated) , Mafia , Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri ,Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay , Knights of the old Republic , Homeworld , Master of Orion II , Serious Sam , Deus Ex , System Shock 2 and Counterstrike pre steam.
  2. simonknight

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    Most overrated:
    Splinter Cell series

    Most underrated:
    Silent Hunter 3
  3. GODzillaSDM

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    someone said this already, but let me emphasize, so people who haven't played it, should pick up a copy.

    Underrated: Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

    also, Company of Heroes might be highly rated, but no one is playing it. You will find only 300 people (worldwide) on weeknights. Its tough to find a good match.
  4. Decane

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    FYI I had never played Half-Life 1 in my life before I played Half-Life 2, so there's no way I could have compared it to the original Half-Life. Even so, I don't consider Half-Life 1 very good at all. Just like Half-Life 2, the game lacks a decent atmospheric ambient sound track which would immerse the player into the game world. The battles are also quite bland, just as they are in Half-Life 2. Halo on the other hand..... Well, everyone has a right to their own opinion. ;) Let's just say that Halo deserves all the attention it's received IMO. Also, I think a certain game called Red Faction which came out at approximately the same time as Half-Life is 10x better than HL.... But that's just my opinion. :)

  5. bug77

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    The gameplay is solid, it has very nice gfx and the campaign keeps you on your chair for hours. Whether people play online or not, doesn't make or break a game (unless it's a MMOG ;) )
  6. k4t4n4

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    Underrated: No One Lives Forever, Max Payne 2, Guild Wars: Nightfall, Dungeon Keeper.
  7. ElementalDragon

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    0.o you think HALO got all the attention it deserved? hell, i think it got more.

    Halo: "WOW, there is nothing like this anywhere in the universe. it's completely one-of-a-kind!"
    Halo 2: "WOW, there's a bunch more of these Halo's."

    and the fighting in Halo..... wasn't really all that "ooh" and "aah"-ish either. The only thing that was remotely entertaining in the Halo series so far was the grunts. "OH MY GOD, a CYBORG! He's gonna kill us all!!!!" Other than that...... meh.
  8. squirrel007

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    overrated: Halo

    Underated: Silent Hill 2. It is one of the few games I have finished.
  9. GODzillaSDM

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    Actually, i think whether people play online DOES make/break the game. If no one plays CoH online anymore...I would be very sad, and would have to sell off the game, since i have already finished campaign long ago.

    Its like starcraft. So successful even after 10 years, and has 80k users on at any time. Because people continue to play it online, not for the single player campaign.
  10. Decane

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    I already said that everyone has a right to their own opinion. We agree to disagree. :) I enjoyed all of Halo's battles & enemies, especially the Elites due to their superior fighting tactics. The Brutes on the other hand were aggressive beasts, but too dumb for their own good. Halo's AI was IMO spot-on, and so was the atmosphere. That, and the excellent dual-wielding of weapons in Halo 2. ;)

  11. vbetts

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    Overrated-Half life 2. BIG time.=[
    Underrated-Doom 3, even though it's not what everyone expected, I like it a lot. Though ROE I don't like to much to be honest...
  12. suzukhawaii

    suzukhawaii Guest

    IMO Far Cry is way overrated. Graphics it was and still is amazing but the game play and voice acting killed it for me "I'm gonna shoot you in the face" after hearing that and "I'm gonna lay a smack down on you" over and over again I couldn't play any more:biggun:
  13. Feninski

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    OVER: far cry, halo, stalker, Oblivion

    UNDER: Mafia, Guild Wars, IL2 serie
  14. iamtheoneneo

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    agreed. Hitman blood money has literally gotta be one of the most underrated games of all time. That was my game of last year by a long shot - such an amazing game. I rarely complete games but that one i couldn't stop playing it.

    overrated: Halo 2 (not the first 1 bc that was actually good)
    HL2 ep1 (what a pile of ****e)
    FEAR (boring boring boring)

    i disagree with stalker being overrated bc i personally love that game + farcry overrated? wtf??? it is if youv played it on consoles? but the pc version? no way is that overrated.
  15. Tat3

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    Guild Wars
    Metal Gear Solid
    Need For Speed (Underground 1&2, Most Wanted, Carbon)

    GTA: Vice City, best GTA so far :)

  16. horse

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    Have you played HL EP1 through more than once? The first time I thought it was pretty poor, but the second time I played I got more into the story and thought it was decent.

    Yeh I agree, don't understand all the hatred for Far Cry, I think many people take the game too seriously and so cannot enjoy the often comedy value that it brings.

    I liked it because the gameplay is pretty much how you make it yourself, lots of choice. Loads of people jump on the "nice graphics but gameplay was crap" bandwagon but I thought the gameplay, espesically on outside levels, was awesome and pretty freeform and fully deserves all the critical acclaim. The odd level was pretty poor tho; the rest made up for it however.

    At least the huge range of interests and opinions keeps life interesting, lol.
  17. easy2007

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    i personally think hl2 was brilliant completeded it like 8 times every time i completeded it it just got better. fry was quite gd. obilvion is overated along with AOE 3 as it doesnt even compare to AOE 2.

    underated: DOW ( dawn of war), Rise of nations and guild wars.
  18. dudecat64

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    Tat3 i will agree with you on the need for speeds(underground - carbon) are way to overrated. These games dont have the feel of the orginal need for speed hot pursuit's. (though carbon is not that bad and it alot better then most wanted which i have on ps2 and it blows.)

    Most underrated game i have played would be riddick. That game rocks and still fun to play today.
  19. Nato.dbnz

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    Blasphemy, STALKER rules!! :smack:
  20. netnexus

    netnexus Guest

    The Overrated
    • Oblivion
      A beautiful game to look at, once you scratch the surface you really do realise how empty and hollow Oblivion is. It is devoid of any kind of substantial gameplay. All there really is to it are bells and whistles... gimmicks. The open-ended-ness of the game felt pointless and subsequently undermined itself making the game one beautifully boring experience.
    • Quake IV
      Quake II was one of my favourite games when I was younger. I used to play it day in and day out and when I discovered how to use the multiplayer, I was ecstatic. Quake IV, the direct sequel to II, pales in comparison, despite the stellar graphics (which we should all know by now cannot rescue a game from the dredges of mediocrity). It felt like there was simply no purpose to the game - no urgency. The world was not immersive - it did not suck you in and captivate you. It did not will you to want to beat the Strogg. No, it just plonked you in the game, told you there were some aliens you were attacking, and then you followed squadmates through some of the most boringly designed levels known to man sans Doom III levels. The only "cool" bit of the game was when you get turned into a Strogg, but the game didn't change after that. It was a gimmick, plain and simple. Now, if you had had to TURN ON the human side... that would've made the game, to fight alongside fallen bretherin.
    • Doom III
      Great graphics, full of gimmicks. Boring, repetitive levels. Lack of purpose, felt like one big long graphics demo.

    The Underrated
    • Fallout 1 / 2
      The mere fact that someone was trying to tell me that Oblivion is a better RPG than these two classics is a symptom of just how underrated these 2 games are. They are probably the second best PC RPG's ever created behind Planescape Torment and tied with Baldur's Gate. What made these games special (no pun intended), however, was the post apocalyptic setting, the witty, sarcastic dialogue. Every quest could be tackled from a myriad of ways and could be completed in the same amount. I won't even bother launching into why this game is so underrated - the fact that so many people have never played (and some have never even HEARD OF!) these games is testimony. No game that is considered one of the best ever in the genre should not be played by the modern gamer.

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