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    Gtx 980 Strix
    Hello fellow guru's I have been (stuck) on 1080p going on 5 years now,needless to say I think its time for an upgrade lol. I would like to give G-sync a shot so other then that I have no prefrence for 4k, 1440p, More then likely I will be using a Single Gtx 980 to power it with a diffrent cpu as well.

    Part that I am confused about howcome Free-sync is like dirt cheep compared to Nvidia g-sync? The cheepest g-sync I have found is a 24 inch acer 1440p which is around $400 dollars, Free-sync can be found for as cheep as $150 can I use a Gtx 980 with a Free-sync instead?

    4k g-sync I saw yesterday WOW what do you need to power something like that MY GOD! I cannot afford this anyway but just blew my mind when I saw it at Microcenter.

    Current monitor-Asus veh247 1920x1080p @ 60hz.
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    Because FreeSync is utilizing DisplayPort technologies, while Nvidia reinventing the wheel and milking its customers.

    GSync will come nicely if your frames are not stable. So if you just MAX all settings and call it a day, you gonna need gsync to provide smooth gaming experience.

    I game on 1440p@96fps without any problems. I don't need Gsync or Freesync.
    Why? Because I am fine with customizing video settings to high instead of ULTRA and enjoy smooth gameplay.
    If you don't feel the urge to play all games on max settings, you don't need G-Sync.
    FastSync with framecap or Tripple Buffer VSync will do just fine.

    4k monitors are very hard to drive and you have to lower video settings drastically to get playable frames.
    With GTX980, go for any 1440p monitor you like and afford. I'd recommend to get higher refreshrate models, at least 75hz to make things smoother.
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    Hi there nz3777 , i think you will have better luck finding your answers in the dedicated PC computer monitor section of the forum , that's where all the talk , good information and Gurus using PC monitors with G-Sync and FreeSync tech post their questions and get their answers as not many people look at this section sadly as this section is for ( The HTPC, HDTV & Ultra High Definition section Home Theater PC Enthusiasts or want to talk in High-Definition ? This is Guru3Ds Premier Community of HD and HTPC. )

    Very helpful tread and lots of knowledgable people in there , with some guides and stickies ( Computer Monitor Forum IPS Panels, Brands, Ultra HD, G-Sync, 144Hz, FreeSync it all is monitor related. This is the place where you can discuss all monitor related matters. Find help and information about high resolutions and refresh rates, VGA ti Display port connectors. ) - Here is the dedicated PC monitors section: , hope that helps you find your answers more quickly.

    Kind Regards: Angelo

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    If u r FPS gamer, then g-sync and freesync are rather useless(my point of view to be honest)
    Best is screen with some kind of strobing, which eliminates motion blurr, so u can see opponents clearer, especially while moving. OFC if u prefer camp style of game, like sniper, that wouldn't be so much advantage for you...unless you moving fast your mouse while scanning for targets.
    And g-sync is +100usd on monitor...

    As mentioned above - anything you choose for 1440p or more will force you to lower details. I have fury and on my screen I lower details to high, med sometimes, no aa, bcoz I need to maintain 120FPS for better and competitive gaming. To be honest in most of games there is marginal visual difference between ultra and high, so no loss here. And since some tweaks I done, my fr in my fav game went 0.4 up. I mean I have 1.83...just see more. And, as good sound is important, hear more too :p
    I admit, higher res, more you see. And u do not have to use AA any kind as egdes aren't so shattered as in 1080p. But higher res screens suffer less screen refresh rates. And I do not saw any 4k with 144hz refresh rate on market...lack of bandwidth I guess...

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