Monitor suggestions: Music composition and gaming on the side

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by asavage643, Jun 1, 2017.

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    Hey all,

    Considering doing a pc build within the next year and doing some research on appropriate monitors for my needs. Any help or comments is highly appreciated.

    Will be using this monitor as a single monitor, for many hours at a time. I well be composing music on this computer. This entails a lot of real estate on my screen, so I'm thinking a semi-large screen (debating somewhere in between 24 and 27 inches; any input on this would be helpful as well) and most likely a 2K resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio. Additionally need a lot of mobility with the screen itself; large portrait-oriented scores would likely require the screen to flip 90° to go from landscape to portrait. Turning the screen left and right, tilting up and down slightly and height adjustment is also needed, as I will need to adjust often and will be buying a new desk as well, and I don't yet know how it will sit.

    Additionally, I will be doing gaming on the side. Stuff like Overwatch, Far Cry, Batman Arkham, Borderlands, Deus Ex, etc. Will likely be purchasing a low to mid range graphics card for the build. With this in mind, I don't know if purchasing a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz will yield much benefit. I don't yet know if my gaming will be done at 2K or 1080p. I imagine that my graphics card would struggle to reach 60 fps on some games with 2K resolution. This is something I would like some advice on for sure in addition to the above paragraph.

    Cost is rather restricting; I am hoping to keep the monitor below $350 USD.

    Currently, I have the following models in mind. These are by no means the only ones I am considering; please make any recommendations for different models and/or advice concerning the ones I have looked at.

    ASUS P278Q 27"

    ASUS P277Q 27"

    ASUS P258Q 25"

    Samsung S32D850T 32"

    Some of these have a 75 Hz refresh rate, which might give a little bit higher refresh rate for those games that can do a little extra (in my mind at least, this might be false for all I know, do let me know if this is incorrect).

    Also the ASUS P277Q and the P278Q are very similar. I've been reading a lot about TN vs IPS screens, which differs on these two models. I am not sure which is best or needed for what I am doing, so please advise if you can.

    Thank you all for your help in advance with all of these questions!!

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    Have you thought of ultrawide? You would love the screen real estate it gives and its amazing with games.

    I bought my 34" 75hz freesync ultrawide for $320 at best buy of all places. Its not top end by any means, but its very nice and I for sure will never go back from ultrawide.
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