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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Des2000, Feb 8, 2001.

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    Hello --<P>I am having difficulty determining the best monitor refresh rate for my system. Are there any guidelines? My documentation is pretty poor.<P>Thank your for any assistance.<P>Dimension XPS R450<BR>-----------------------<BR>PII 450 MHz<BR>Intel 440BX AGPset <BR>384 MB ECC RAM 100MHz<BR>Windows 98<BR>21" UltraScan Monitor D1626HT <BR>Altec Lansing ACS 495 - USB<BR>Kensington Mousetrack Ball<BR>HP 3100 MFP -ECC<P>AGP 2x - Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 GTS 32 MB<P>PCI 1 - Adaptec AHA 2940 U2W<BR>--&gt; Jazz 2GB SCSI-2 Internal<BR>--&gt; Plextor CD-RW 1210TS SCSI-2 Internal(12W/10RW/32R)<P>PCI 2 - Open <BR>PCI 3 - Q1 Cinemaster DVD Decoder<BR>ISA 1/PCI 4 - TB Montego -1<BR>ISA 2 - USR/3Com 56k Winmodem<P>Primary EIDE:<BR>9.1 GB IBM EIDE/33 HD 5.6k RPM<BR>20 GB Wester Digital ATA/66 HD 7.2k RPM<P>Secondary EIDE:<BR>Toshiba DVD (Unknown Speed/Model)
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    save yourself alot of time and wasted effort, set it to "optimal"
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    Thank you, Jeff.

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