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    I really hate asking these types of questions, but I am really at an impasse.

    Question 1:
    I really want to get a larger monitor. I am using 2 21" monitors now and just want something big. I don't want to get a TV because, quite frankly, the resolution sucks hard on a TV and I'd rather claw my eyes out than use one of those as a monitor.

    So. I'm looking at around a 27" to add to my mix. I saw this 28" I-Inc monitor online and it's cheap as ****:
    However I don't want to buy crap, if it is crap. I don't really want to deal with dead pixels etc although I understand that can be a concern with any monitor.

    I went to fry's today and was playing around with this 27" HP monitor normally I'm not normally a fan of glossy screens but the picture on this thing was absolutely beautiful. It was far nicer than other brands that were there on display (LG, Samsung). glare is not an issue for where my desk is located. I was really on the verge with walking out with it today, but was able to restrain myself.

    Do you guys think I should take a chance on an un-proven brand and order online at $270 or go with one that I know looks good and buy locally for $399?

    Question 2:

    Does anyone know anything about eyefinity setups? Would there be issues in doing this with a 21" 27" 21" setup? Would I be able to put one of the 21" monitors in portrait setting and still have it work? I'd love to have a setup of [landscape 21"] [landscape 27"] [portrait 21"]

    If i can't also do the eyefinity, then I guess i'll just set them up as separate displays...

    (This is all part of a massive pc rebuild I am planning for around end of year. I am trying to buy a few pieces that can use now and I don't expect the price to change dramatically on in the meantime)

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