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    HD6950 unlocked
    first time here so I'm sorry if I do something wrong.

    I have 6950 with unlocked shaders but with custom bios so it keeps default voltage of 6950.
    Here is the video I captured with my ancient phone that shows the problem:

    As you can see the screen tearing and windows jumping occurs when there is movement on the screen. It is worst when using browser and playing flash video or when I simply rezise and move arround windows. Strange thing is- It completly goes away when I unplug and plug back the HDMI cable. Too bad I need to do this everytime I start PC, I'm worried connectors will get lose as they were not designed for having cables pluged and unpluged all the time.

    I located the source of the problem being unofficial overclocking in MSI Afterburner. However It does appear as soon as I start the program with overclocking unlocked! Even if clocks and voltage is kept default. If I disable it I can use the program and no screen tearing will occur. The tearing will reoccure if I change some values in Afterburner. Then I have to re-plug again.
    One more thing that I consider interesting is: I have maximized window during the screen tearing. I re-plug the HDMI cable and when the screen lights up again the windows is not maximized anymore.

    I'm not fine with 6950 so I have 2 opions that I know of: buy DVI and test if will solve it (might be just waste of money) or flash bios to 6970 so it will use clocks and voltage of 6970 (my card gets loud over 1.5 V so I'd preffer not to).
    I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on this matter.
    Thank you

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