Monitor Fried - Opportunity for Something New?

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    GTX 980
    Quick Overview
    • Budget: $1,000 (I'm flexible)
    • Use: Gaming, Photoshop, Web Development, and some Adobe Premiere work
    • Type: I'm open to multiple monitors or a single massive ultra wide
      Graphics Card: GTX 980

    Current Setup
    • Far Left Monitor (Vertical): Dell P2310H
    • Center Monitor: Dell U3011, purchased in 2012
    • Far Right Monitor: Dell U3011, purchased in 2014 (recently failed)

    Despite owning a surge protector, my beloved U3011 dyed as a result of a thunderstorm. I figured this might be an opportunity for me to rethink my current setup (which is noted above), especially considering the upcoming Amazon Prime Sale (as well as all of the companies competing with deals).

    On one hand, I am open to purchasing another U3011 to replace the failed monitor. I enjoy the 16x10 aspect ratio, and used versions of the monitor are going for about $400. However, I can see that I'd be paying a premium for 16x10, and this as an opportunity for me to modernize my setup.

    I have heard good things about ultra wide monitors, and it is something that might be a good fit my for usecase. Aesthetics are also important to me, and so having a single, large, and high quality monitor sounds very appealing.With that said, I am also mindful that I would be working with fewer pixels, and as a design professional, I have grown to love the 16x10 pixel ratio multiplied by two thirty inch monitors side by side.

    What do you think?

    Would it be a waste to get rid of my current U3011 and P231OH for a single ultra wide? If not, have any monitor suggestions? I am looking at these ultra wide monitors, but I am very open to suggestions (I included the price as reference, though I have yet to really hunt for any good deals):
    • Dell U3818DW: $981
    • Dell U3417W: $699
    • Samsung C34F791: $749
    • LG 34UC98-W : $837.42
    • LG 38UC99 : $908
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