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    BFG 9800 GTX OC 512MB
    I recently upgraded my board, processor, memory and videocard but I was experiencing some heat issues but I was extremely satisfied with the performance so I decided to stick w/ my purchase and replace the Northbridge HSF and put some Arctic Silver on the CPU, Northbridge and Southbridge. I decided on the Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II as a replacement cooler and wow what a difference it makes. It took my idle temps from 48c to 28c. The CPU dropped from idle 32c to 24c just w/ the Arctic Silver 5. I'm completely geeking out over my temps now again the cool thing is it's all just air cooling. I picked up two of the coolers but was only able to use 1 for the Northbridge as the placement of the anchor screw sat right beneath my video card which prevented it from being able to be seated due to the encasing shroud on the 9800 GTX's I don't want to void the warranty otherwise I'd take a bit of the shroud out so that it would be able to be used. At any rate I'm rambling now but just thought I'd let you guys/gals know just incase anyone out there are having heating issues and needed a "real world" experience w/ both of these. Here's some linkage.

    Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II I got my 2 for 17.99ea from Directron

    Arctic Silver 5 Got 1 tube of it for 5.99 from Directron

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