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    best moments...

    Hard to tell how many "OMG" moments i´ve had since i first started playing games on a Spectrum... but still i remenber some:

    God of War: when we finish the game and win the title of God od War after killing the greek god of war Ares and we realise the meaning of the title of the game.

    Crysis: the graphics of course, the clear water, the rays of sun trought the leafs of the trees and the shadows made by them, the frozen hell...

    Shadow of the Colussus: every battle was epic ant the end was really strange...:3eyes:

    Winning eleven: when i first saw the players with different sizes and their animations i was like: What the ****!!!

    GTA Vice City:great game with some of the most crazy missions ever seen, the best one, buying a studio and recruiting some ladies to do porn movies, so funny!!!:banana:

    Half Life: so many moments but one of my favourites was when we are near a rocket station launcher and theres is a huge monster in it that was blind and followed us by sound, simply fantastic!!!!

    Mario 64: the entire gameplay was "OMG"!!!

    Counter Strike: when i gave my first headshot.:biggun:

    Duke Nukem: when i killed some aliens and heard " Hail to the king, baby"!

    Agony: the background pictures when we played.

    despite all the moments i´ve had, the best one was when i was a small kid (8 our 10 years old) and my older brother bought an Spectrum, loaded the
    game and let me play, i couldn´t believe that i could control those coloured pixels with a keyboard, it was pure magic!!!
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    the first that came to mind for me was when i first fired the rocket launcher in doom. i fired at an imp or a soldier and it exploded into a bloody carcass. i had never really seen blood in a game before, other than in mortal kombat (barely), so this was huge.

    next was GTA III. i was waiting for a huge 3d environment to run amok in. my friends and i had hours of fun running from cops and seeing could make it last as ling as possible.
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    I haven't played played first CoJ :(
  4. WhiteLightning

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    finishing karateka on my old trusty c64, and being kicked in the balls by the princess in the end!
    what kind of reward is that!

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    Haha, never played that, but hearing about it, just made me piss myself laughing :)
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    Far Cry, I bought the game in 2004 but refused the temptation to play it until I upgraded my graphics card (ti-4200 > 6600gt). Good decision! The graphics blew me away. Never saw water so realistic, lush tropics, truly OMG.

    HL2: being attacked from everywhere and having to set up the gun turrets in the proper places. The striders as you destroy one, the deep woooo sound they emitted (2 subwoofers in my sound system) freaked me.

    Quake 4: After taking care of those small spherical guns that were falling around me on the planets surface, 2 huge robots appear from a hangar in the mountain and their low hz amplified grunts made me jump out of my seat.

    Stalker SOC: Enemy AI was brilliant, many OMG moments. It felt like I was dealing with humans. Esp when crouched in a safe place killing them off, one of them would sneak up behind me, curse in Russian then blow me away. You could tell he was real pissed off, lol.
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    kinda late but here it is...

  9. Goutan

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    -FFX spoiler, seriously, don't read if you haven't beaten it-

    In the end of FFX when you're being rewarded with an amazing cutscene after surviving the ultra-lame bout of crystal collecting. Jecht magestically falls back into the lights of zanarkand, suddenly replaced by a giant flaming hand and the Nobuo Uematsu masterpiece - "Otherworld" blasts from the speakers. The shivers rushing up my spine left my mouth gaping and my brain attempting to release "OMG"
  10. YuKsS

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    nice thread

    DOOM 3 pc

    The whole thing is "omg"

    slow the time a fire straigth to the head was OMG

    Resident evil 2 and nemesiS
    was for me an entire OMG (good game)

    Zelda ocarine of time
    (meaning omg this is a great game)


    When you arrive to the beach and have to climb up and when i saw the smoke from the exploded tanks.. was omg

    OMG i can shoot to the trees and them actually break in pieces... the same to the water was OMG

    and more..

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    I was like "OMFG" when Alyx and Gordon haven't done $hit for the past three games. Towards the end of Episode Two I was like common Gordon you're the man... and then we get that other ending instead...
  12. WhiteLightning

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    i bet part 3 will have a 15 minute sex sequence , with the Vortigaunts involved too :)
  13. DannyBoy27

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    For me - lots of moments of Ultima 8 when I was a kid. I really loved the wierd, dark atmosphere. You just kind of felt that you were never ever safe, not in town, not anywhere If you fell in the water a massive monster would just jump up and eat you and I was like OMGWTF!! :)

    Lots of the cutscenes in Strike Commander, especially when Hawk got shot down. Emotional revenge was the order of the day :( lol

    Playing Warcraft 1, some of the cut scenes in that game just blew my mind!

    Diablo 1 was still one of the best though. You knew you were in for one "hell" ( pun :O ) of a ride just from that first intro movie. Very dark and ominous... The atmosphere and music score from that game were extremely memorable. The light guitar melodies with the delay+reverb while you were in town still plays randomly in my head :)
  14. Mr.Bigtime

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    Now this is a WOW in my book :D
  15. methylbenzoate

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    Bioshock - The "plot twist"

    StarFox (SNES) - The SuperFX chip visuals and mindf*** audio make this a very memorable game

    Majora's Mask (N64) - The dark horse of the series, which came out near the end of the life of the N64, was quite a challenging and twisted experience.

    Yar's Revenge (Atari 2600) - the audio

  16. Devolution

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    Spoilers Galore:

    Batman: Arkham Asylum: "Did anyone catch the game last night?" Single trippiest scene ever.

    Half Life 2: Episode 2: The game was great, the widescale battles were phenominal, but it was the ending that was amazing.

    Giants: Citizen Kabuto: The way I changed from standard FPS with the merc, then the 3rd person hack fest with the girl, and then finally...Kabuto himself.

    Crysis: The graphics alone made me go...whoa. The large scale battles and the nanosuit were to die for. And then they go and **** it up with the lame alien crap...

    Crysis Warhead: ....though they made the aliens fun to kill in this one.

    KOTOR 1: The big plot twist reveal toward the end of the game that changed everything. All I can say is that was a huge WHOA moment for me.

    Mass Effect: It was an amazing game and all, but the big whoa moment for me was the Virmire choice. That moment defined the game for me.

    Ninja Gaiden 2: This game made me go whoa by making me want to turn it off. Hands down, this is the cheapest game I have ever played.

    Chrono Trigger: The main hero biites the big one? And the game goes on without him? Whoa.

    Final Fantasy 6: Since when in the hell does the bad guy actually win in an RPG?

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey: The biggest shocker of a scene for me was watching what happened to April Ryan. For god sakes, the series revolves around April Ryan, and to allow THAT to happen to her? Either stupid or balsy.

    Fallout 1: The ending was hilariously epic. All that work just to be shunned. NICE.

    Fallout 3: you may disagree with me here, but I thought the final mission was gloriously epic. I liked the ending, despite the mind numbing stupidity of it if you have freaking Fawkes in the group.
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    Don't know if it was mentioned but the opening to Prey. Also when playing Xbox & Halo when it came out while rollin'. Blew my mind. Well everything blows your mind while doing that.
  18. zer0_c0ol

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    welllll ;)

    1. MGS when i did battle with psycho mantis
    2. FF8 one of the best intro scene ever
    3. talking sword in baldurs gate 2
    4. soul reaver the game was all OMG
    5. MGS 3 again the entire game was OMG
    6. Music ina age of conan
    7. Music in Aion
    8. Talking skull in planescape torment (well again the entire game)
    9. The dementia in max pain
    10. The animations in W3

    and so on :)
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    hahahah briljant :nerd:

    Wow.. just took me 30-45min to completely read this topic :banana:

    so many things have been said already, so i'll keep it short :)

    On Commodore C64 Ninja Turtles!!
    and also on C64 all the LightGun games *duckhunt eat your hart out*

    SOPWITH CAMEL on a 486DX-66

    Halflife 1 @640x480 :nerd: hahahah
    Duke Nukem / Doom / Wolfenstein3D etc.

    Carmaggedon :banana: FTW!!!!

    my favorite game is ShenMue 2 on the Dreamcast :wanker:

    so i'll skip ahead a couple of decades :bang: (don't want to stick with to many oldfart games, only 29yrs now!)

    OK now 2005+ games:
    -SF4 -GOW -GRID -DMC4 -COD(all series) -COJ2 -TLR and so on

    now for some very unfamiliar games: :pc1:
    all ILLUSION type Japanese MANGA/HENTAI games :bang: WTF Moments galore....

    Owell gets boring very quick but gotta hand it to those japs, there crazy :nerd:
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    When I first got FIA GT racing from Simbin. It wasnt even in stores I had to special order it.

    First car I drove was the Ferrari 360. I drove out of the pits down the front straight.

    By the time I got to 5th gear I almost nutted.

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