Modding Legacy drivers(.inf)

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    Is it possible to make current drivers work with the hd 5800 series??

    I tried using a program called flem and I doesn't seem to work.

    I also tried modding some of the stuff in the .inf, comes up empty handed.

    Just got a new case for my sister, ram,etc, but everything still remains the same, old mobo,etc.

    Was going to put my old 2 gtx 970 in sli in her system but going to later, doing some benches on my side so I can keep some references but in the meantime, she will be using the same card she had, hd 5870. within a week or two, the 2 gtx 970 is going in, but would love to make the hd 5870 work with newer drivers.

    Still performs alright, runs DQ11 like 20-40 fps under 1080p, not to bad, surprised its even playable.

    So is it possible to mod newer drivers to get it working with the legacy drivers??? cause it don't work over here.

    The only drivers I can use now is an old beta drivers dated back in 2016 of feb-march, :(.
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    Even if its possible, nothing will work.

    Use the latest from 2016 as you said.
  3. Yxskaft

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    Might be better to use the 15.7.1 WHQL driver, users who have done tests claim that that's the targeted driver when supporting these GPUs.

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