Missing 'Preferred Refresh Rate' Option

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    I'm reading that this should be an option in the Nvidia Control Panel, but this option does not exist for me. Does anybody know why this would be? I have read some comments that Nvidia detects monitors connected over HDMI as TVs and this woudl explain the missing option, but I don't think this is the case - I have installed the driver for my monitor, and all of the PC-specific resolutions and refresh rates are exposed.

    Basically, I have an Acer KG221Q monitor which is 1080p 75Hz and has both HDMI (with Freesync) and VGA (no DisplayPort). I run my desktop at 60Hz because there are some specific games which have a 60fps cap and stutter badly at 75Hz (such as Sonic Mania). Instead, I force 75Hz on a per-game basis whenever I can. This is great if the game lets you select refresh rate or can be forced through ini or console, but most modern games only obey the desktop refresh rate. I was hoping that the 'Preferred Refresh Rate' option could be used to force 75Hz on a per-game basis.

    Using Acer KG221Q monitor with latest driver and connected via HDMI, RTX 2060 with driver 441.87 running Win10 64.
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    I believe this option is now related to G-Sync and your monitor/GPU may not operate in G-Sync compatible mode over HDMI.

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