Missing Plane

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    This theory makes the least sense of all to me. Why bother shutting off instruments or veering off course?

    Something very odd happened. Assuming this plane got jacked, I'm fairly certain the world's various governments know a lot more than we do and quite possibly know where it is. You can't just land one of these things anywhere and that significantly reduces the number of places to look / search area.
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    Actually that happend before. I saw that on a documentary; a single pilot locked himself on the cabine, shut down all recording devices and sunk the plane into an ocean. That was so shocking that the investigation about the incident was ignored and officials just said they didn´t know what happened.
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    If the pilot choose to ditch the plane the Indian ocean, Goodluck finding the wreckage. Its too deep! 7k meters being the deepest and an average of 4k meters... gg.
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    The black boxes have a sonar ping device in them. It can be heard underwater for dozens if not hundreds of miles away with Navy sub listening devices.
    They will find it someday IF its in the sea.
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    Holy ****? 3 or 4 people, those bastards. Out of an estimated 1600 million? You know no facts at all so keep the BS hatred out of the thread, as at the moment you're making things up to fuel your disgusting views, nearly all religions have been involved in killings at some point or another. I personally think people of any religion are mentally disabled, but I still wouldn't just make things up to prove my point.
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    No, 3 or 4 PLANES. Not people. What "disgusting views" by the way?
    Hatred? Hell yes I hate people that crash planes full of people. duh.
    Sounds like all the hating here is from you, towards me.

    I cant post links yet but its all over the news about the pilot..try the Daily mail or what ever news service you like. I didn't make up ****.
    Ive been a member here for many, many years under another avatar. That account was lost back when this site got hacked or whatever.
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    3 or 4 people on the planes though. And if your source is the Daily Fail or similar which regularly flat out completely makes things up then good luck. I'll wait until it's on a real news source.
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    Sorry,Im not familiar with UK news sites. I'm sure you will see this info soon. I found it other places also. CNN was the first place I heard about it today.
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    Dude what the hell does it have to do with him being muslim even if he did that? We dont know full story so i would wait for more info being blaming pilots! Also daily mail?! Ifi were you i would avoid it if you want proper news.

    They need to get their a$$ into gear and find this plane, its getting silly now!

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    Get all the phone numbers of the passengers, check their mobile carriers who turned on their phones during that flight period.

    Someone might be in the equipment / storage area.
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    I shall be treating my Note 3 with a new level of respect from now on, after seeing what is apparently possible with one.
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    No it wasn't

    1). The statement is being made by someone who has a vested interest in creating fear of this sort of thing, it is in her best interest to drum up the idea that the aircraft may have been hacked in to using a smart phone. Then of course you have her saying stuff like this in another article

    That statement there sounds like all kinds of stupid. I don't think their is an engineer alive who would during the design phase of an aircraft, think. Lets integrate the on board computer systems to such an extent that a passenger could gain ANY kind of access to key primary flight control systems, irrespective of how unlikely or the amount of work around they would be required to do. Right from the get go the design would be to completely isolate the two systems.

    2). The means theorised for doing this work on spoofing the information been sent to the auto pilot system. Disabling the autopilot instantly overcomes this issue as the pilot is now in control. Then again that was a theory put forth ten months ago, being demo'd on non approved equipment. To put it simply for the theorised hack to work the pilot would either have to be in on it or asleep.
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    Where is the plane?

    I am not letting this thread disappear (Like the plane)
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    Heard Amelia Airhart is joining the search as well, all that looking and they found her
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    It seems that Thailand's army radars detected the plane flying towards the Strait of Malaca, but didn't bother with it because it didn't seem like a threat for their national security. They didn't share the info either because "nobody asked them about the missing plane"....

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