Missing Plane

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    my thoughts to all people on board that plane and their families.
    incertitude is worst than certain death announcement.
    i caught today that news,as i almost watch no TV.
    and to all guru3d members :
    if that people from that plane or their families could read this thread,what would they think?
  2. peerow

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    The plane

    If the plane was high jacked, someone had to hear it coming from a distance. This is too strange.
  3. AndreasGuido

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    yea even if it did fly for another 5 hours until it crashed,surely they could trace last signal and search there.It is very strange! I hope they find it soon, imagine what families are going through!
  4. Party Poison

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    Why thank you genius, I thought we all lived forever.

    My point is that there is no reason to poke fun at the situation, Yes thousands die each day but there's no need to take the piss out of this just because its been given alot of attention.

  5. Veteran

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    Yes absolutely terrible for the families, words cannot even explain how there feeling. I know this maybe a massive longshot but i do hope the people on that plane are ok. Imagine if it was a family member that was close to one of us like your own son or daughter or parents, brother or sister.

    Words cannot describe that pain.
  6. Brasky

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    If they could read it, they would not have been on that plane. It's dead and gone, but i do agree with you that i hope they find some of the wreckage quickly so that the families can get some closure.
  7. jack_rudolph

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    I really do hope that they crashed near some island and living their life and waiting for the rescue in LOST style. But realistically it is a bit far fetched. But then you read tales like these..... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/missing-malaysia-airlines-flight-survivor-3233318 .... of the people who have survived catastrophic plane crash and you believe there may still be hope.
    The lack of debris is really baffling. With croudsourcing nearly 2 million people are actively searching the latest satellite imagery but still nothing so far. I cant help but feel and i said this earlier that the plane may have ditched intact before drowning, like the case with US Airways 1549 without any considerable amount of debris which could explain lack of evidence in satellite imagery. That could also explain the satellite ping they were receiving for 5 hours or so after it went missing. It may be possible that auxilliary power source may be powering those device before the plane drowned right before dawn.
  8. AndreasGuido

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    Ive been reading all sorts of stuff now, that signal transmitters has been turned on deliberately and it was flying towards Indian ocean! Surely they have to be on that you cant turn off in case of hijack or if pilot goes nuts?!

    But im sure we dont know the whole picture.
  9. Doug

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    Could have been taken out by an asteroid. Long shot I know...
  10. dcx_badass

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    None of it makes sense, no matter what happened to the plane, someone on the ground screwed up big time, either accidently or deliberately.

  11. Jhetski

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    Breaking news guys. Last contact was at 8.11 am local time. It could be headed to the border of Kazakhstan or to the south in indian ocean. This is jus overwhelming. What could have happened???
  12. jack_rudolph

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    Many sources are now confirming it as a hijack or deliberate action by the pilot themselves
  13. PhazeDelta1

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    Here's one source saying the plain was hijacked

  14. Jhetski

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    Have they checked the luggage area? Could the intruders be hiding in the storage area?
  15. Speed Weed

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    Parallel universes, anyone?
    Plane could have hit a patch of turbulence in the space-time continuum.
    Such anomolies can happen, according to the late, great Albert.

  16. (.)(.)

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    Dont click spoiler if your easily offended.

    Safe for Work
  17. airbud7

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  18. Jhetski

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    Could be pilot suicide in the indian ocean or the himalayas
  19. Veteran

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    I think the authorities are right with saying Pilot was involved and switching off the transponder. If it was a terrorist they would have trouble finding that, coulda been terrorists also but somebody on the inside does make sense regarding how this event has played out.

    I think the government are also holding on to information that we dont know about, there has to be more to this than there saying.
  20. Jhetski

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    Im suspecting mc donald island (antarctic), or cocos keeling island. Those are the only islands in the indian ocean.

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