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    Hig fellow Gurus, hope that everything is fine =))

    I don't know if its within the right section, if so move it as appropriately.

    I have a question, that I would like an answer to it if possible. So I have bought a Mini SD Card of 4GB made by Kingston. Now I have bought this storage solution, so that my brother would be able to use it into his camera.

    Now when he inserts the mini SD Card into the Micro SD Card convertor & turns on the camera, the camera tells him to format it. Well that's fine, since its the first time, but I tried to format it through the camera but without success.

    I have then tried to format it through the computer but still, when I insert the sd card & turn it on, the camera tells me to format it, without being able to use the camera. Now I formatted it to FAT, but still with no success.

    If it would help, the SD Card in question is the one in the following link:

    Many Thanks in advance & :cheers: =D

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