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Mini Review of AlienWare AW2518HF

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Fox2232, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Fox2232

    Fox2232 Ancient Guru

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    -NDA +AW@240Hz
    Size: 25'' (Screen size is actually same as 24'' XL2420T(Z); but due to much thinner bezel it is 5mm shorter below and 10mm on top.)
    Bezel: sides 5.2mm; top 6mm; bottom 15mm
    Rotation: 90° Left or Right
    Tilt: 5° Down; 25° Up; 20° Left or Right
    Pivot vertical movement: 130mm
    Maximum clearance below monitor: 197mm
    Back cover: Part of package is back cover for port area which may help to manage cables if needed.
    Comes with: HDMI cable; USB-A 3.0 Cable; Power Cable (hidden in the box); Some CD/DVD
    - 4x USB 3.0 ports (two accessible from back, two at center of bottom bezel)
    - 2x HDMI; 1x DisplayPort; 1x USB-A 3.0 IN; 1x audio jack through back which outs in center of front bezel

    - Display itself is exposed (Not sunk into protective thick bezel. Similar feel as cellphone AMOLED screen.)
    - Stand is metallic and it's legs are quite thin (can fit under some keyboards)

    - all 7 built-in profiles are ridiculousy bad (including one named "Standard")
    - 3 Gaming Profiles (Customizable)
    - 1 "Custom Color" named profile Customizable

    - "Gain": RGB Color Balance
    - "Offset": RGB Color Boost
    - "Hue": RGBCMY Color Shift
    - "Saturation": RGBCMY Intensity

    Screen itself:
    - When looked from above it turns slightly Yellowish (10° and above) and there is no inversion like with usual TN.
    - When looked from below it turns Purplish (25° and more), Inversion starts around 50°
    - When looked from sides it turns Yellowish more than when looked from above

    If you are used to have eyes in perpendicular position to top of the screen plane, you are never going to see true White. It will be slightly Yellowish. (Edit: Actually with Dell's ICM color profile fro this monitor I managed to get nice White.)
    In case you are used to have eyes in perpendicular position to center of screen, White is quite good after calibration.
    I used Lagom LCD test, and everything except view angle inversion on interlaced graphics passed with flying colors.

    - "Timer" : Shows countdown from 30/40/50/60/90 minutes in format mm:ss
    - "Frame Rate" : Shows current refresh rate (Value changes only when Freesync is enabled.)
    - Dark Area + Edge Contrast Boost in one: Strength from 0 to 3
    - > Lightens Dark Areas
    - > Creates Darker edges around lighter objects (light cartoonish feel)
    - "Response Time" : Normal; Fast; Super Fast modes (Useful depending on level of contrast in game.)

    - in CS:GO test I spent more time watching smoothness of animations than playing.
    - noticeably better than 144Hz
    - Side by side comparison with XL2420T(Z):
    - > Input Lag: moving Window up and down on both screens (half on each) is solid win for AW screen
    - > UFO Test 960px/s: Ghosting or overdrive inversion is smaller on AW (Could see it only on high speed capture mode on cellphone tracing.)
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