Microsoft will temporarily discontinue nonessential updates for Windows starting in May

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Umm...from folks like you who just made my point. There's no revenue. You paid for a Windows game. You're not paying for the support and time to get it run on linux. You getting that and you expect that for free. You're not able to buy a native linux game because, as I said, there is no revenue. linux users paradigm is to expect Nvidia and AMD and intel to support their hobby OS for free. Again, the problem is NO REVENUE. It's your choice, and your limitations that go with it.
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    No work, no revenue, pretty simple, but to accuse linux users of wanting everything for free is plain wrong, I would gladly pay if available.
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    First of all I buy games on gog/steam and I play them on linux so your argument is totally invalid and plain stupid. Second thing is that linux users paradigm is to have best and safest software that they need to their workflow. For me as a dev this OS is superior to Windows (even MS says that and need to run servers on linux XD) so again your are just trolling. My point was that linux gets more and more love and it would be a good article for Gurus to read. Gaming is really easy now compared to 15 years ago when I was starting with it. Btw AMD gives really awesome support to linux kernel so again your argument is plain stupid. NV sucks at it as linux creator said about them quote:

    so stop trolling and crying for just a suggestion, you don't need to read it. Less butthurt you will be - Yoda.

    P.S. Or just get more skills then you will be able to use linux ;)
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