Microsoft to buy Activision in $68.7 billion all-cash deal

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Astyanax, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. MS...Hardware? Not how the make money all.
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    LOL I just thought it was funny to say winter is coming since its Blizzard. Guess not.
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    I just want to say holy god man...

    Will they fix Activision or let them be independent?

    Ping off that terrible Bob Kotick dick stick.
    Second scrap all their mobile garbage games build for whales.

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    Could you balance patch SC2 now?
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    Activision-Blizzard has been in a dead end it seems when we look at their late progress in game development, so this change really cannot make things worse. Very important notions have been made in this thread, like this move in fact being a counter act against Tencent and of course boosting of Game Pass sales, which is a wise business model, even though this pushes nonownership of video games further. Perhaps most importantly Microsoft can sweep out the toxic work culture inside Activision-Blizzard so people there can focus on what's important. I'm still doubtful if this move will be profitable in a really long time though, it's not going to be that easy, since many of the acquired franchises are rather old to younger gamers.
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    Wow, but I guess this could assure that their consoles have an all but guaranteed relevance for several generations, if not "forever".

    I want to add more, but rather than write something tedious I'll just use what I'd have concluded with.

    " .... like Taco Bell in Demolition Man."

    lol ;)
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    They should buy and destroy EA.. Blizzard is lesser evil.
  9. Freeman

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    Should first fix Windows.

    Really sceptical to what will be on offer. Both companies are not companies to introduce anything new and exciting, actually both of Microsoft and Blizzard will sell same stuff in different baskets, design at best. And more micro transactions, monetisation.


    "Spent 68 billion", I assume they will want to make it back. Hopefully it will be a success.
    Purchase alone should make Warcraft fans interested.
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    The Xbox app is getting better and new improvements are on it's way.
    They will most likely kill the app, no need for a separate app when they got their own well working app.

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    It´s still the worst place to buy games from. With a ton of problems.
    From issues signing in, to errors starting games, to UWP blocking games so we can´t modify anything.
    It´s so bad even the refresh rate of my screen lowers to 48-60 HZ because of the Xbox app.
    And if there is a problem with a game, I can´t modify anything to fix the game.
    What a bloody mess of a launcher.
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    I think it's like most acquisitions. They did not buy a company, they bought a customer base and a ton of intellectual property. The company part will be tossed out so the toxic issues will just naturally be solved.
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    How long before Microsoft buys Valve????

    After this, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Think about it, Valve is the number 1 PC gaming store. Microsoft buys them and basically takes over PC gaming as number 1.
  14. Krizby

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    Valve is not publictly traded I think, not for sale thanks God. I would hate to use MS Store.
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    It was too :) (even more for those like my age as "winter is coming" is a famous DLC)
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  16. Catspaw

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    Microsoft "thinks" they are getting a good deal.
    But only Kotick is getting a good deal.

    First, lets look at the Franchises and employee talent:

    Starcraft: 1st game remake is barely functional (not even 2v2 ladder system, its laggy to play a 20+ year old game with people who are far away). Russian private servers like ICCUP were FAR better and they were free.

    Starcraft 2: While not dead, player counts are certainly not great. In 1 year, It went from 8 000 000 players to under 500 000. Nowdays, ESL on twitch is not very popular. Not dead, but not great (especially since its lower during covid than pre covid).

    WoW: Great exodus has been going on for a while. Bot farmers selling gold... Just does not look good.

    Overwatch: The amount of people playing this game went from millions of users to... well, according to blizzard statistics, the rank distribution was:
    Bronze 8%.
    Silver: 21%
    Gold: 32%
    Plat: 25%
    Diamond: 10%
    Master: 3%
    (and then there is top 500).

    And we have been seeing Master players in top 500.
    So... unless my math is wrong, that is a maximum of 50 000 players in competitive (and I am being generous).
    Bare in mind, not "Currently active players", but "Currently players that have played the minimum amount of games to be ranked".

    Things have improved a "bit" lately, but.... still 30 minute DPS ques.

    CoD vanguard? google it. its bad.

    Diablo ? d3 had auction house... D2 was remastered. And apparently there will be a D4. (And they made diablo immoral).

    Wc3 reforged fail.

    Heroes of the storm on life support.

    I dont know anything about the rest.

    So that is.... lets call it "the IPs taht they bought".

    What about the talent? How many Blizzard employees walked out exactly? I stopped counting.
    Bobby Kotick is still there...

    From the perspective of... all angles it looks like a BAD BUY unless you plan to put a lot of your own money into it to fix it....

    Yeah, from the company that does not even keep their own crap running properly (games for windows live says hello).

    MAYBE they can get it right.... maybe my ex wants me back and maybe I'll win the lottery...

    Its wishful thinking, because every metric you check (Historical data, basic business logic, profit vs risk comparison) it looks like a failure.
    Rememebr when people said Blizzard being bought by Activision was a good thing? I do.
  17. CPC_RedDawn

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    If you think Microsoft got a bad deal here you are delusional.

    They swooped in and actually got a better deal than they would of if Activision hadn't had such bad press the last 12 months.

    Candy Crush alone has generated $10 Billion dollars.

    Sure COD has had a bad year, but its not like they haven't ever had a bad year and then sprung back the year after. And Warzone is currently one of the most played fps games in the world.

    Warzone generates around $5.2 million dollars PER DAY!

    Notice how I have only mentioned 2 games. This buy out has netted Microsoft some massive IP's most of which could be or have been multi billion dollar franchises.

    There are even more, this adds insane value to Gamepass. It will get them more subs, sell more Xbox consoles, more accessories. Some of these IP's have a long history and some haven't been used in years. Microsoft could revive these and turn them into huge franchises again. Tenchu is one that crosses my mind if Microsoft want their own Sekiro or Ghosts. True Crime could become their own GTA style game. Skylanders is basically their own version of Pokemon. Crash Bandicoot could become their family friendly console mascot.

    It will sure take a while for them to recoup their investment. But this is huge in terms of showing their dedication to the industry. Once cloud gaming becomes more viable, Microsoft will have a massive leg up with the IP's now under their belt.
  18. nicugoalkeper

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    Many people are saying that this deal is good for Microsoft because:
    but this is of no importance.
    This deal will be over in 18 months at best, so to say that a game that generated or a game that now generates those numbers now is ok is completely wrong. By the time this deal is over all the games that now ar making good money will be of no importance by then.
    Also how knows what deals has Activision with Sony, Valve or Nintendo so the next games that come out may not be exclusive to Microsoft.
    And so you can say that maybe after the deal is sign we will see from where the money will flow...
    I think that MS is thinking on a long run, so that they can have those franchise and make new games from them. And I think that they are doing this like many say to become the Netflix of gaming, but maybe of cloud gaming.
    Still it depends on how good the next games will be.
  19. CPC_RedDawn

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    Candy Crush will continue to make money in 18 months. Mobile gaming is not slowing down.

    Warzone will continue to be popular and generate the same if not more money in a years time.

    Like I have said this is Microsoft making a splash, hitting the headlines, showing their power to the gaming world that they mean business and they are here to stay. Its also, like you say, and like I have said time and time again they are attempting to become the netflix of gaming in the next 5 to 10 years when cloud gaming hits big. Imagine every phone, laptop, tablet, smart tv, all with Microsoft Cloud Gaming app preinstalled. They want subscribers as this is big money every month and they want people to stay subscribed and the best way to do it is to have games you can only play on their service.

    I am also sure Microsoft's lawyers have already sorted out the deals that Activision have with any other companies before they even thought of buying them out.
  20. H83

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    So, these boring games are the most important assets of Activision??? No worries then, at least for me.

    MS buying Valve is almost impossible because of monopoly concerns.

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