Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

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  1. metagamer

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    Announce Trailer

    This looks utterly stunning.
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  2. TheDeeGee

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    It does look stunning, even though i'm not into Fligth Sims... even though i own Jane's Combat Simulations USNF '97 and F-15 :p
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  3. Yeah... TBH besides Cyberpunk's release date, this was the most interesting announcement for me.

    The trailer suggests they might finally use satellite 3D imaging and detailed 3D mapping we have for major cities and use it in their engine. If that is the case, I'm really excited.
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  4. MikeG

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    If it's like the detail in Watch Dogs 2 city buildings then I'm in. Maybe that's asking too much. I figure the single player would be more detailed than the online multiplayer, if they will have one.

    But maybe I'm wrong about that. So I could ask here do games generally look better or sharper in single player than their multiplayer online? And would that be the case for this game too basing it on earlier releases of it or other criteria?
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  5. jbscotchman

    jbscotchman Guest

    That looks incredible!
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  6. cerebus23

    cerebus23 Guest

    does look good and yea i am a janes guy combat sims are a bit different to flight sims though :p.

    flight simulator was the first game we owned though with the commodore 64 we bought. the big huge box with the 2 manuals one on flight physics and how planes work and the other on how to actually fly the planes and make sense of the radio nav and etc. i got into it did not have tons of games and gunship and etc was yet to come, but i probably spent as much time reading the manuals cover to cover as flying anywhere and being bored.

    then years later my quake 2 buddy i think wanted something different to play together or maybe it was my mmo buddy, one or the other was a decade or more ago now, and badgered me to get flight simulator and some mods and we flew around some, but i never played all that much need guns and bombs before its a game.

    if its on steam i will give it a look those gfx look amazing and so many locations, maybe some mods and just enjoy the scenery type thing. or start bombing stuff for the lulz.

    nice trailer though.
  7. Barry J

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    makes me want to fly I wonder what PC will be needed to play this in all its glory
  8. Cave Waverider

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    Awesome. :)

    Microsoft seems to be doing a lot of things right on the game front right now.
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  9. Redemption80

    Redemption80 Guest

    Looks great visually, not my type of thing but my brother in law has Oculus and a stick so hopefully it gets VR support and he gets it :)

  10. XP-200

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    Hope this is a play anywhere title, love that value for money.
  11. Shataan

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    I remember playing MFS with their WW 2 planes. It was amazing fun back then. You could feel a real sense of speed. A lot of other flight sims lacked that.
  12. XenthorX

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    watched the trailer already a couple times, looks amazing *.*
  13. Probably the only game that would justify buying a VR headset.

  14. Syranetic

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    I would buy this game just for the graphics.
  15. me too, just to fly around the world and see it would be cheaper than airfare.
  16. Exactly, I'm just gonna fly around the world and enjoy the scenery. But that is the sole purpose of this game, isn't it? :)

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