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    Ok ive tryed to total this game as much as i can.
    So far ..........

    Played on: Big Boss Mode
    - Loads of differnt harnesses
    - Race Gun / Fire re-bounding bullets
    - Raidens masks (Shocked Sunny and Otacon)
    - All the Boss masks.
    - M.E Disguise located in M.E Hideout inside a locker.
    - Gurella Rebels Disguise located in Cove beach.
    - Unlocked a Suit
    - Foxhound Embelm

    Played on: Easy Mode
    - A costume or disguise resembling Altair from assassins creed.

    Also i found a password option in the extra's menu.
    Have no idea what this does but tomorrow im gonna note down the numbers that sunny sings while she makes eggs and try it.

    Oh and BTW i noticed during a codec message between rose of you shake the six axis rose shakes her breasts. Quite funny. :banana:
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    Is there a site that has all the info on how to get all secret items on all the difficulty levels? For example you had to get all dogtags on all difficulty levels to get Stealth in MGS2.

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