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    not really, yea a strong gpu is required but the rest is just a marketing gimmick, it runs great with 4gb and a decent quad, on high @dx10 with enhanced physx and its very smooth, nothing like stalker stutter fiesta..
    guess those that have low fps must be running into gpu mem limitations + high resolutions, on v.high is very mem depended especially cause of all hdr, ao, blurring effects..

    if i use high its great but damn i want v.high, i know i can in some areas but when a strong volumetric light appears it starts to crawl to ~20fps lol

    although yea it looks addictive and there some nice cinematic parts with great effects, even on high its nice.
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    Asus GTX 580
    FOV is simply to change.

    Just make sure you change it in BOTH locations ( I mentioned previously) and use the BC2 FOV Calculator as this game also uses newer Vertical FOV not older Horizontal FOV.
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    GByte GTX 980 G1 Windforc
    I have the same issue, as well with BC2. I just ended up downloading FRAPS on it's own. Works great.
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    AMD S. 5700XT Pulse
    To decode the User.cfg file the easiest would be to take the default one and the user created one in the User/Documents and Settings folder and merge them to get all settings, then switch a option off or alter one of those presets and quit, having made a copy of the cfg first and compare them in for example Winmerge or similar program to see what's changed, might not help much overall until a unpacker or similar is out to alter the actual game configuration presets in more detail but it might help a bit.
    (Unless the settings are more hardcoded so you get a option that tells the game to run in low, medium, high or v.high but nothing for the individual options.)

    EDIT: Example of a file I've tinkered a bit with doing this.
    (Still don't have the game but I can access several files and others have posted their files plus I posted the default user.cfg so merging them was quite easy and adjusting the options and presets worked out quite well, stripped out some extra and duplictes however like the key bindings being set two times one for KB and one for Gamepads so I remove those.)

    _show_subtitles 1
    ai::feel_vision off
    ai::feel_vision_ex off
    ai::graph off
    ai::graph::links off
    ai::graph::normals off
    ai::graph::radius 10.
    ai::look_body off
    ai::look_head off
    ai::path::detail off
    ai::path::patrol off
    ai::path::vertex off
    ai::patrol off
    ai::space_restrictions off
    aim_assist 0.
    bind console kF11
    bind changemenumap kESCAPE
    bind wpn_1 k1
    bind wpn_2 k2
    bind wpn_3 k3
    bind wpn_4 k4
    bind wpn_5 k5
    bind medkit kQ
    bind forward kW
    bind use kE
    bind wpn_reload kR
    bind time kT
    bind wpn_next kLBRACKET
    bind wpn_prev kRBRACKET
    bind menu_enter kRETURN
    bind crouch kLCONTROL
    bind lstrafe kA
    bind back kS
    bind rstrafe kD
    bind wpn_light kF
    bind gasmask kG
    bind sprint kLSHIFT
    bind crouch_toggle kZ
    bind accel kX
    bind nightvision kN
    bind map kM
    bind jump kSPACE
    bind cam_1 kF1
    bind cam_2 kF2
    bind cam_3 kF3
    bind quick_save kF5
    bind quick_load kF7
    bind quick_load kF8
    bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT
    bind cam_zoom_in kADD
    bind pause kPAUSE
    bind up kUP
    bind left kLEFT
    bind right kRIGHT
    bind down kDOWN
    bind wpn_fire mouse0
    bind wpn_aim mouse1
    dbg_cameratrack 0
    fast_wpn_change 0
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_distance 3.
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_interval 1200.
    cvr_cover_hit_danger_penalty 1000.
    cvr_death_danger_distance 5.
    cvr_death_danger_interval 2400.
    cvr_death_danger_penalty 10000.
    cvr_grenade_danger_distance 10.
    cvr_grenade_danger_interval 1.
    cvr_grenade_danger_penalty 1000.
    cvr_hit_danger_distance 3.
    cvr_hit_danger_interval 1200.
    cvr_hit_danger_penalty 1000.
    dbg_flower 0
    dbg_ik_weight 0
    dbg_look_params 0
    dbg_macheta 0
    dbg_safe_area 0
    dbg_timing_full_cycle 0
    dbg_uboynicheg 0
    engine_step 0
    g_autopickup on
    g_global_god off
    g_god on
    g_unlimitedammo on
    g_debug_levels_enabled 1
    g_game_difficulty 2
    g_input_hand 0
    g_quick_hints 1
    g_show_crosshair off
    gamepad_preset 0
    goto_editor 0
    goto_game 0
    inv_y_controller 0
    invert_y_axis off
    joy_sens_adhersion 0.8
    joy_sens_aiming_x 0.4
    joy_sens_aiming_y 0.4
    joy_sens_x 1
    joy_sens_y 1
    joy_sens_frict 0.5
    joy_sens_linear 0.
    lang_sound ru
    lang_text us
    language us
    mouse_aim_sens 0.208
    mouse_sens 0.4
    msaa 0
    npc_debug_draw 0
    p_dbg_draw 0
    ph_advanced_physX 1
    ph_ce_psystem_distance 70.
    ph_ce_psystem_minvelocity 1.
    ph_ce_sound_distance 70.
    ph_ce_sound_maxvelocity 50.
    ph_ce_sound_minvelocity 1.
    ph_ce_wmark_distance 70.
    ph_ce_wmark_minvelocity 1.
    ph_dbg_render 0
    ph_dump_stats 0
    ph_enable_int_coll 1
    physx_connect_to_agperfmon 0
    phv_actor_axes 0
    phv_anim_mixing 0
    phv_awake_only 0
    phv_body_ang_velocity 0
    phv_body_axes 0
    phv_body_lin_velocity 0
    phv_body_mass_axes 0
    phv_buoyancy 1
    phv_ccd_sceletons 0
    phv_cloth_mesh 1
    phv_collision_aabbs 0
    phv_collision_axes 0
    phv_collision_compounds 0
    phv_collision_dynamic 1
    phv_collision_edges 0
    phv_collision_fnormals 0
    phv_collision_free 0
    phv_collision_sap 0
    phv_collision_shapes 0
    phv_collision_spheres 0
    phv_collision_static 0
    phv_collision_vnormals 0
    phv_contact_error 0
    phv_contact_force 0
    phv_contact_normal 0
    phv_contact_point 0
    phv_dynamic 1
    phv_fluids 1
    phv_joints 1
    phv_kinematic 1
    phv_static 1
    phv_trigger_shapes_only 0
    phv_use_zbuffer 0
    phv_world_axes 0
    physx_connect_to_debugger 0
    r_af_level 1
    r_api 1
    r_bloom_threshold 0.01
    r_can_miniformat 0
    r_dao 0
    r_dao_enable 1
    r_dao_smooth 1.
    r_dbg_disable_occq 0
    r_dbg_portals 0
    r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 1
    r_dbg_texture_usage 0
    r_deblur_dist 10.
    r_dvd 1
    r_dx11_dof 1
    r_dx11_tess 1
    r_exp_temporal 0
    r_fullscreen on
    r_hud on
    r_gamma 1.
    r_gi 1
    r_gi_distance 16.
    r_gi_intensity 2.
    r_gi_overlap 0.5
    r_gi_quality 0.4
    r_hud_weapon on
    r_ignore_portals on
    r_light_frames2sleep 10
    r_local_mblur_coef 0.015
    r_lod_shadow_quality 1.
    r_lod_use_socclusion 0
    r_mipcolor 0
    r_msaa_level 0
    r_ppaa_blend 0.5
    r_ppaa_grad 0.01
    r_quality_level 3
    r_res_hor 1680
    r_res_vert 1050
    r_safe_area 0
    r_show 0
    r_smap_cache_clipdist 15.
    r_smap_cache_clipvolatile 15.
    r_sun_depth_far_bias 0.
    r_sun_depth_far_scale 1.
    r_sun_depth_near_bias -0.
    r_sun_depth_near_scale 1.
    r_sun_near 12.
    r_sun_near_border 0.666
    r_sun_near_range 16.
    r_sun_tsm_bias -0.
    r_sun_tsm_proj 0.2
    r_sun_tsm_projection 0.3
    r_supersample 1.
    r_texnostreaming off
    r_tone_adaptation 5.
    r_tone_amount 0.
    r_tone_bmax 10.
    r_tone_bmin 0.01
    r_tone_low_lum 0.01
    r_tone_middlegray 0.33
    r_view_distance 125.
    r_vsync off
    role_border0 100.
    role_border1 1000.
    role_time0 2.
    role_time1 0.5
    s_dbg_peak_meter 1
    s_dbg_portals 0
    s_hdr_graph 0
    s_master_volume 0.50
    s_music_volume 0.50
    s_cone_inner_volume 1.
    s_cone_outer_volume 0.75
    s_dbg_draw 0
    s_dbg_draw_dist 0
    s_dbg_draw_name 1
    s_dbg_draw_stopped 1
    s_dbg_stat_active 1
    s_master_volume 0.5
    s_music_volume 0.5
    s_render_targets 24
    show_points_ex 1
    sick_camera 0.
    sick_fov 45.
    sick_hud 0.
    sick_mblur 0.
    sick_mouse 0.
    sick_slowmo 0.
    stats off
    stats_graph 1.000000,5,5.000000,1,0.000000
    stats_graph_rect 300,200,1000,200
    test_zbias 0
    vibration 3
    xbox_state_data ()()

    That should be the entire full User.cfg file without much actual tweaks.
    (I set the console to a separate key and also set godmode and infinite ammo, which doesn't work based on the Steam forums apparently anyhow, but I didn't touch the FoV value though I set resolution to native and enabled more advanced GPU PhysX options as I use a AGEIA PPU which might or might not work, something to test Friday night when the game is released over here also set the gi option to 1 for global illuminiation but that might murder framerate.)
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    GByte GTX 980 G1 Windforc
    I installed & tested in my Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.64Ghz system w/ a GTX 275 , 8GB of RAM, & I get an average 10-15 fps more on normal & maybe 6-10 on high w/ Adv Physx enabled. It's very GPU bound obviously with Adv Physx enabled, so I disabled it. I was able to get 55-105 on normal & 29-55 on High. This makes me want a dedicated Physx card. I would love to see some benchmarks with Adv Physx on & off as well as with/without a dedicated Physx card.
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    phsyx doesnt take a hit, check here,7...tX-11-und-GPU-PhysX/Action-Spiel/Test/?page=2

    im at game atm and antialiasing is a huge killer, not recommended lol seriously from 45 to 15-25fps at high setting and using ingame 4xaa..

    high setting and dx10 with adv physx enabled seems to be the best choice for current cards, without antialiasing of course especially you play at full HD reso or more and it looks like its very gpu vram hungry game just like gta4.
  7. ShadowMyth

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    GByte GTX 980 G1 Windforc
    Well I tested it again a few times with & without Adv Physx & could duplicate the drop in fps. Oddly enabled Adv Physx on my Phenom 9550 setup with the same specs & it seemed increase the FPS. Maybe the setting takes the load off of the CPU, which would increase the FPS on a system with a slower CPU, but bottlenecks a faster CPU, both having the same GPU. Or just could be both my systems are wacky o urnoptimized drivers, lol.
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    XFX HD 6870 1GB
    Very High settings
    No AA
    4x AF
    = silky smooth, 80% of the time

    Does anyone know how to disable the unskippable splash intro videos?
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    GTX670 1293/6800

    Wow, brutal game, my worst fears are confirmed, all decent DX11 games will rape any current gpu, just like with DX10 in the beginning, we all know how well crysis ran on the recommended spec card which was an 8800gt 512mb.

    This game: HD5850 in DX11 mode with tessellation on, DOF off, no AA...25 frame average.

    When will we be able to run DX11 games with decent AA at 60 frames solid?....3rd gen DX11??

    So much for future proof, people that spent all those $'s on crossfire setups to get <60 frames with no AA will be pissed, I would be.

    And anyone that says they get 60 frames maxed with 2x5850's is full of $hit, if 1 gets 25 in DX11 mode with DOF OFF and no AA, then there is no way it would come close with Xfire scaling.

    Nvidia is going even worse on the gpu front in this game of course, but for a several year old card...what can you expect.

    I wonder how true the 8gig recommended ram thing was, my system uses close to 4 gig running crysis warhead in DX9 mode...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 570 Fermi
    does anyone know if 4890 support dx11? i read somewhere it supports the minimized version of dx11

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    GTX 970 (3,5 GB - lol)
    help I need to enable object motion blur via some user configs but I cant find it or dont know where is it.. :( It would be very cool to have high settings + object blur...
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    MSI GTX 1080 Armor 8G OC
    So far I'm loving this game. It's pretty annoy though how your partner never waits up for you. Always speeds up ahead leaving you behind.
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    Sapphire Radeon R9
    I don't understand why this is such a surprise for you guys. Every single time a new API becomes standard it crushes the first generation or two of cards designed to use it. This happened with DX9, DX10, and now DX11.
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    GTX 295
    no dx11 only works with 5xxx ati cards
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    GeForce GTX1060
    those who played, did any of u guys encountered stupid AI?

  16. Sash

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    AI is kinda dumb, the mutants just charge at you, they do not dodge or use tactics.
    as far as humans tough, they are pretty smart, they take cover, but that is about it... they do not rush you when you hide, they are aware where you are for a couple of seconds then forget about you lol
  17. sk8zophrenia

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    GeForce GTX1060
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    MSI 1070 GTX Gaming X
    Press E.
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    Sapphire R9 390 Nitro
    Stop complaining about supposed lack of optimization and just lower your settings if system is not fast enough :)
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    GTX670 1293/6800
    It's just surprising because the first few DX11 games made little use of DX11 and made me think that like this entire multiplat generation of PC gaming, that new API's had plateaued. Every other DX11 game only used a miniscule amount...if any tesselation, and until now no other game has made use of the higher shaders/tessellation and the performance optimisations.

    BFBC2: extra shaders, no tesselation, no multi threading enhancement.

    etc etc.

    I thought DX11 was going to be a non event with tesselation reserved for tech demo's etc, the PCGH benchmarks of this game have made me seriously rethink buying a GPU any time soon.

    especially as the next gen of console's will be pumping out DX11 multiplats, if they take 2 years to arrive, a high end GPU now would be dogs meat by then.

    It's just disappointing.

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