Mercedes Benz Truck Racing Problems!!!!!!

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    Asus ATI 9600XT 128Mb
    I can't play or watch the benchmark in this game, the graphics are all messed up!! I've tried to install the upgrade patch, now i can see the benchmark just fine but i can't go to the game!!! I click play but then appears again the benchmark programm. What can i do?<br>
    Can i use Riva tuner to fix the graphic problem? And what about Midtown Madness 2? <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif"> <br>
    AMD Athlon 1Ghz<br>
    Gigabyte Gforce 2 Pro 32<br>
    12.91 Det drivers<br>
    lattest via 4in1 drivers<br>
    win 98 se<br>
    <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif">

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