Maya users step up!

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    Maya users step up! Quadro and Fire

    Did a search first, nada

    case of n00bitis

    been here for about a month before getting in the mix, the thread on the 5900xt is insane....

    it appears will be going 5900xt, but would like to know what MAYA users here at this forum are using with success, posted in RivaTuner, because it seems mostly catered to 3d/cad users, and people that mod to a Quadro or Fire card have the input for this post :)

    off the top of my head would like to verify that you have no issues, and workflow is GREAT with:
    1)realtime time scene hardware texturing
    2)image planes work correctly when zooming/panning/focusing

    if you have any issues that bug you, please list as well

    in addition, if any of the gurus from the "im the lucky one" post are reading, i have a computer store i despise near, and can test some cards if needed, and joyfully return them


    (yes this means the voodoo3 :D causes maya to crash when working with image planes, hardware texturing works great.... actually everything works good with it for a maya n00b, except for image planes.... animation/lighting everything else no problems)

    ***** Just found this AWESOME GO HERE and to the BENCHMARK MAYA MENTAL RAY section!!!!!!!!!!!

    (post your render times there... i haven't yet, just found it, but with 3.2ghz p4 /512k and 1gb ram with a POS ECS mobo, 13 open IE browser windows and a few apps running just got get 0:01:22.69 , hehe sweet)
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