Max-q 1060 vbios removal / update?

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by flash22, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 GMG
    Hi guys,

    So I just purchased an HP Omen 15 (i7 with GTX1060 6gb) variant for a stupidly low price that I absolutely cant complain about.

    BUT - since purchasing it I didn't realize it came with MAX-q, as it wasn't actually advertised with it....

    Now from what I understand is that the max-q variants on average are about 10 to 14% slower than their non-max-q counterparts.

    My question is: Can the max-q bios be updated (and or removed etc) so it supports a full powered 1060 chip? I haven't played with the lappy yet so I'm not sure if MSI AFTERBURNER will allow this kind of functionality.

    All I know to date is that the max-q component reduces clocks, fan speed and TDP in order to achieve lower thermals & noise etc. I want to say SCREW IT to noise and thermals, RAMP UP the power and SPIN up those fans for that misally 10% extra headroom.

    Can it be done?
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    Just oc your card dude. It'll just offset the max q factor. You should be able to do like +250 on the core, if you're lucky, and mem like +500 perhaps? Dunno, maybe more, maybe less.
    Flashing is possible but you risk bricking your card which should be ok since we got integrated graphics chips in our cpus?

    Look around a lil bit, see if there's a bios editor for pascal. You should be able to remove the aforementioned restrictions there.

    Also, undervolt your cpu fo big gains both in performance and thermals.

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