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    is there actually gonna be a multiplayer patch???<br>
    its impossible, theres no tcp/ip it the engine<br>
    if remedy does implement tcp/ip into the engine and releases a patch, then that would happen, but otherwise, i dont think therell ever be mp in max payne...<br>
    do any of you know if a patch will come out???<br>
    either way ,the game is fun in singleplayer mode
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    Hmm, I would think that a multi player mod would stink, simply b/c of the Matrix mode ( thats what I like to call it anyway ) think about 5 people using it at the same time, you would not get one kill.<br>
    However, if they did indeed bring out an add on, like CS or something, then that would be hell sweet, of cause the Matrix mode would have to be dumped for it to be worth while.
  3. ORION

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    I agree. Bullet Time is a great feature but will only work in a Single player game. IF Max Payne went Multiplayer, and thats a big IF cause from what I hear there not even considering it, they would definitley have to leave out Bullet Time.

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