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Matching the Player to the Amplifier

Discussion in 'The HTPC, HDTV & Ultra High Definition section' started by Robox1, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Robox1

    Robox1 Member Guru

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    Nvidia GTX670
    To listen to high quality digital music what I need to use as player, in combination with a decent Amp entry level (Band 500 euro, with analog inputs only)?

    It is sufficient to connect a notebook/tablet or devices of this type and use it as a player or I should use a mediaplayer or something else?

    ...The needs at the moment are: use of the remote control and the mobile phone, from time to time also use the music on the phone, then maybe connect to a player in BT, most of the music is on an external HD (maybe in the future connect it to the network or use a NAS)
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  2. pimpernell

    pimpernell Master Guru

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    ASUS RTX 2070Super
    Tidal HiFi sub, a decent dac and a hifi/headphone of your own choosing.
    Tidal master is almost perfect.
    I just use a reasonable priced creative Soundblasterx G6 (since i mainly game) and hyperX alpha headsets, but even with these entry level equipment the sound when listening to master recordings is phenomenal. And on the go i use the Sony WH-H900n and the android app.

    If you go up in price on dac and headphones/hifi you can get whatever sound you are willing to pay for.

    If you still only want to play your local music be sure that they are MQA files.
    If you got that route , be prepared to pay a lot just for the hardware required to play the files.

    To answer your question buy a chromecast audio.
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  3. mbk1969

    mbk1969 Ancient Guru

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    GeForce GTX 1070
    IMO, you can use laptop or tablet as a source (player) of audio, but only if you bypass its DAC and output digital signal to some better DAC (or DAC+AMP combi). When you use different pieces for source, DAC and AMP you have a flexibility to try new ones or to replace broken ones.

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