Managing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas Mods with Wrye Bash/ Wrye Flash

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    Continuing from the Fallout 3 Mods guide and tutorial.

    Fallout 3 : Essential mods, system requirements and troubleshooting

    A member recently asked me about Wrye Bash and whether it can be used for managing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas mods. Well it can and I have decided to write a step by step guide.

    Why use Wrye Bash / Wrye Flash?

    Using Wrye Bash / Wrye Flash will eliminate the need for manually installing and uninstalling mods and can automatically detect the majority of compatibility issues which can lead to crashes and poor performance.

    Installing Wrye Flash and it's integral components:

    Wrye Bash was primarily created for Oblivion but has since been ported to Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. There are actually a few different versions of Wrye bash for fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas but I'm going to write about the most compatible and regularly updated versions.

    Wrye Bash works off of a software called Python and this was once needed to be installed alongside Wrye Bash, though with newer versions Python comes integrated with Wrye bash, but in it's current form 'Wrye Flash for Fallout' requires Python to be installed first and has an already inclusive Python package called Wrye Python.


    Wrye Python 04a


    For Fallout New Vegas:

    Wrye flash 14

    For Fallout 3

    Wrye Flash 28 (non-beta)

    Installing Wrye Python

    Install Wrye Python's main files to a folder of choice, it can be installed to the default directory that pyhton chooses but I chose Fallout New vegas as the main python folder.

    Installing Wrye Flash

    Wryeflash will need to have it's own programme folder inside the fallout main install folder, alongside fomm and the data folder. It needs to be run from here so make a shortcut. Place the Mopy folder and data folder from within the wryeflash archive into fallout's main folder so that data files go to the already present data folder and mopy is left outside besides it. Wyre Bash can be launched from the 'Wrye Bash launcher' inside the 'Mopy' folder.

    Wryebash will work along side fomm, Boss/ fose and fallout nv 4gb due to having integrated controls (icons at bottom of main window) to acess nvse
    along with fnv4gb etc. It also integrates fomm/boss as it still requires
    archiveinvalidation and mod order sorting done externally but due to the
    integrated controls it works pretty well.

    Fom here I'll continue with Fallout New Vegas as the main game but Fallout 3 will work similarly.

    Firstly ensure fomm is already installed (installer version), you'll also need BOSS, download the archive (not installer) version from below and place inside falloutnv's main folder. Once you run boss it'll automatcally direct you to the latest versions of boss or fomm.

    Downloaded Mod Data Files and Archives

    Wrye Bash/Flash requires mods in rar/zip/7z archives to be stored in a bash install folder, the mods folder will be at the same level as the game's main folder, i.e if the game's install folder is in 'c:\program files\fallout New vegas' then the mods folder also gets installed in the program files folder and called 'Fallout New Vegas Mods'. This is optional and enabled by clicking the installers tab in the wryeflash main window. I recommend using the installers option and the reasons will be clear by the end of this tutorial.

    Once the installers section is activated and the bashed patch created you'll need to right click anywhare inside the installers section window and and untick "skip nvse plugins", otherwise nvse plugins in *.dll format will never be installed while managing mods from here.


    In the mods window of Wrye Flash you'll need to right click anywhere and choose to 'BOSS Disable Lock Times'


    Installing Mods and creating Bash Friendly Mod Archives

    The mods must be inside a zip/rar/7zip archive and placed inside the 'bash installers' folder found in Fallout New Vegas Mods. The mod archives need to be in a bash friendly format, most oblivion mods come in a 'bain friendly' archive as well as obmm/fomm format. FOMM based mod installers can also be uncompressed using FOMM or 7zip and then converted to normal archives using the correct structure (below) and used with Wrye Flash. However some mods come with a FOMM script or Wrye Bash wizard script and must be used accordingly, though many will contain a script for each.

    Creating the format/structure is actually incredabley easy to do yourself once you understand how the mods need to be structured within the archive. Simply put, the archives need to be in the same folder structure as fallout's main game folder but with the data folder as the starting point.

    For e.g

    if you have a mod with three different optional *.esp files along with a texture folder then you would place it inside a folder and place the esp's on the first level along with the texture/meshes folder. Then zip/rar that folder so that it only has one folder containing the esp files within the archive. Wryeflash will allow you to tick which optional *.esp you want installed from within the right side window of the installers section. You can also see how this works by opening up a bash Installer (BAIN) friendly mod archive.

    Once you have your mod files in the bash mods folder and in the correct format you can keep all your mods in a single location without needing to move them or manually extract/delete mod files for the game ever again as wrye bash will tell you excatly what files are installed and what duplicates/conflicts are present in the fallout/oblivion data folder. You can swap between installed mods on the fly without needing to move any mods around.

    For e.g

    I have a mod called 'Hi-Res_World_View_Weapon_Textures-35235', It comes in the correct archive structure so I simply placed it inside the bash installers folder and then went to wrye flash's installers section where I can now see the mod including all the files present and can install it by using the right click function.


    That's it, you can now place your mods in the Bash Install folder and manage installed mods from the installers/mods section of Wrye Flash NV, it'll take you a while to learn how it all works and it might feel a little daunting at first but once you get the hang of it you'll appreciate how much functionality Wrye Flash provides.

    Wrye Flash will pickup on all your Mods already installed and show all related information but if you have issues at first install it might be worth starting with a clean Fallout installation and then slowly install all your mods using Wrye Flash and then rebuild your bashed Patch by right clicking on the file labled 'bashed Patch' in the mods section of Wrye Flash. Once you have it all done properly you'll never need to worry about manually installing/uninstalling mods again.



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