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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by avfreak30, Mar 8, 2001.

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    Helping a friend build a sys. KT7 RAID not booting up (no beep, no video). Sent mobo back, vendor says it was bad. Got new one, booted up OK. Changed time and date in CMOS. Rebooted. No Vid, no beep. Have switched out everything, processor, vid cards, removed all other cards. No Dice. WTF?!!!!!!! <IMG SRC="smileys/mad.gif"> I've built 3 systems and never had such probs... Any advice?
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    Had same problem, PC woudn't boot up.<br>
    However problem was easy to solve (in my case anyway).<br>
    You have to manually (in your BIOS) change "CPU Operating Speed"<br>
    in my case I've changed it to 1200. Default setting is 500 so if your cpu is 1000 adjust it to 1000 respectively<br>
    Refer to your m/boards manual and simply follow instructions, can't<br>
    make a mistake - it's well written.<br>
    Hope this helps
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    I had similar problems too, the only way I got by this was to use the Coms reset on the board. <br>
    Make sure you turn off the computer by the switch at the back before you make the 'reset' change. <br>
    Then when youve changed the jumper turn this switch back on then turn the computer on by the normal switch.<br>
    Now nothing will happen dont be alarmed its normal. Now turn the switch off at the back again and change the jumper setting back to normal. Turn on your computer by its normal switch and it'll be sorted.<br>
  4. To clearify, he meant to say CMOS.

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    I will try resetting the CPU speed in the bios, tht sounds like it may work, and I remember it as being 500 by default. I wonder if it doesn't like the voltage at that setting (chip is 850MHz Tbird). Already tried resetting the CMOS, that gets me back to square 1 after it refused to reboot. Thanks for the input guys, I'll let ya know how it comes out. <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif">
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    Ah, the sweet spot.
    <IMG SRC="smileys/hot.gif"> This may be a little too late for the thread, but there are reports ( about KT7's and A's having a few bad batches. One number was that Abit was experiencing a 10% failure rate on KT7A's. RMA the sucker and hope you get a board from a decent batch. There are also problems with Hercules GF2 Pros, and Live!s, with the WW BIOS, so watch for that.<br>
    Brann Mitchell

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