M3N78-EMH keeps downclocking...

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by psybersoma, Apr 20, 2010.

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    I'm working on a spare system I have in my office. I noticed in the BIOS that I have a Phenom 9950 OCed to 3.0Ghz.

    But while I have the OS booted up, which is Windows 7 64-bit, when I goto check the speed with CPUID, I keep seeing it jump from 3Ghz to 1.3Ghz.

    Yes I have Cool & Quiet disabled along with all the other power saving features in the BIOS.

    I have the Power Option in Windows 7 set to High Performance.

    Even if I run WPrime or Cinebench, it won't kick it back to 3Ghz.

    Oh and also I'm using a USB WiFi stick from Linksys. Intermittently, it will disconnect the device and connect it back up..

    I'm thinking it's the chipset which is the Nvidia 720a.

    I've even formatted the drive and did a clean install of the OS, still no go..

    I'm banking on needing another motherboard.. Even if I set everything to stock in the BIOS, and leave off C&Q, it will still down clock...

    BIOS is 0602 which is the latest version from 2008. If there's something newer, I haven't been able to find it on the ASUS site..

    Any ideas??
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    Are you sure the CnQ is really off? 'cuz the board should not downclock unless it has that enabled.

    If not, reflash the board's BIOS.


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