LOWEST voltage on yr oc'd cpu

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    recently i played around with the voltage, tried to get the lowest possible for my 2.8ghz e6320 and i ended up with 1.1500v. i tried to put it at 1.3750v but unsuccessful. is it my thermal sensors not active? coz i dont think a 2.8ghz cpu can ended up with such a low voltage. i ran intelburntest, did 25 tests on maximum stress and it passed. also ran prime95 for 4hrs 43mins and found no errors.

    anybody have the same lowest voltage settings on their o'd cpu? plz comment i wanna know is it normal or not.

    and my pc2-5300 ram runs at 400mhz now (1:1 ratio), with stock voltage at 1.8 at 5-5-5-12 timings. can i oc my ram a lil bit more? im aiming for a 3ghz frequency. ive read articles and posts ppl who oc'd their pc2-5300 ram to 900+. do they use ram cooler? coz i dont have any at the moment. im also thinking of upgrading it to pc2-6400 but currently on low budget. so is it safe to oc it to let say 900mhz (450x2)? till i have the money to upgrade the ram? i live in australia and the rams are way expensive in local computer stores.
    oh yeah my ram is corsair value select. im afraid to oc it a lil further, might end up frying it.

    suggestions and comments appreciated. post away!

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