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    I want to ask some questions about low level fan control of RivaTuner.

    This is my story:
    Recently i bought a new GPU for my kinda old system. I bought a Raden HD3650 AGP. The fan was kinda noisy so i tried RivaTuner to lower fan speed on idle situtations. Latest Catalyst diver wasn't supported so i used the low level fan control.
    So i rebooted as it asked and switched control to Auto.
    Then i wanted to do some tests with my old GPU and unplugged the 3650. After i finished i plugged 3650 back in and reinstalled drivers. After a while when i went to RivaTuner to change low level settings from Auto to Fixed, it asked me to reboot to get default settings, so i rebooted. But then i remembered that the GPU still had the Auto settings. So now RivaTuner thinks the default fan control settings of the GPU are the Auto settings of RivaTuner.

    So i am asking, does the GPU registers (that low level fan control use) reset if you restart or if you unplug the GPU or they are permanent so now there is no way to get the default settings back?

    I am asking this because i read on RivaTuner faq that low level settings are permanent because they use the GPU registers and they stay even if you uninstall RivaTuner.

    I also want to ask another question (it doesn't have to do with RivaTuner, but i would appreciate if you can help me).

    I was playing a not demanding game and i had monitor program on background to monitor the temp. After i quit the game i noticed that immediately the fan speed up. So i went to check the temp and the current temp was 55 but the max that it has been was 94 degree. And im worried because i also played some other games before, and one time when i played dragon age i noticed for a moment artifacting, so i guess the temperature must have been even higher than 94 degree (if it reaches 94 in a low demanding game). So i want to ask, my GPU still works but is there a chance that a permament damage has been occured after that high temperature exposure? and maybe now i get lower fps? And i also i want to ask if there is a chance the 300W PSU (10 ampere on 12v rail) is the cause of the fan not working at full speed and so not cooling the gpu.

    Sorry for many questions, would really appreciate if anyone can help me please.

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