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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by crizo, Feb 10, 2001.

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    <BR> <BR>Damn this is a pain...<P>Problems:<P>1) Video Card- <P>ATI Radeon 32 DDR<P>What I did: This is an OEM version, so I went online and downloaded the latest drivers. This was after I had already installed the simple VGA drivers which are necessary to start up the computer (graphics suck at this point of course). <BR>Then, I just followed the simple instructions on the downloaded file and yet quality was not optimal. Now I know that the card works fine, as I tested it on another system. Could this be a motherboard problem or must I go through other steps? <P>2) Sound Card:<P>Onboard K7T Pro 2-A <P>What I did: Windows could not detect drivers for it, so I tried running them off the provided CD with the mobo. It would not stop reading the CD and crashed the computer. Faulty? Probably. Is this an indication of the mobo, however? <P>3) IBM Deskstar 20.5 GB<P>What I did: This is a new system. I booted the computer using a floppy disk. I later noticed under Windows that it only had a capacity of 2 GB. This is also noted under DOS. <P>I tried re-installing Windows but the problem persists. In addition, I changed the system from FAT 16 to 32. <P>4) Windows loads extremely slowly, despite the system's specs (850 TBird, 256 RAM). It works fine when loaded, but it's annoying to have to wait so long. <BR>
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    What are your system specs??? Mobo type, chipset??? Did u install the chipset drivers???
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    Well you didn't post enough info on machine, what version Windows (98/98SE/ME) etc..<P>Since you said you converted to fat32 - are you running 95b?<P>Best thing is to do a complete re-install..there alot of tricks and tweaks that makes Windows (Even 98) a decent almost zero BSOD OS. I was/am righting an article for my web site....delayed now. And since I'm going DSL (contract is in, just waiting) I'll be killing off and serving from one of my computers...or if this site wants it as a contribution (when I'm done) .. I dont care.<P>Next time post full or as close as you can specs on your hardware/software OS etc. It'll be easier to try to de-bug.

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