Lost planet 2 benchmark scores here.

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    That did work for me at one point but, oddly, it doesn't now as the game crashes back to the desktop immediately before the main menu appears UNLESS I hit Alt-Enter during loading to switch it to windowed mode (which, of course, disables CrossFireX anyway). If I switch back to full screen then the benchmark immediately hangs. I'm using the 10.9a Hotfix drivers and 10.9 CAP here.

    I really do hope ATI have added support for this game in the 10.10 WHQL release because the benchmark has been out almost two months now and I know for a fact that they knew it was out but claimed it came too late to add driver support. The game is out this Friday here in the U.K. so unless the 10.10 WHQL drivers are out tomorrow then it is another case of depressingly late support for game that I've come to expect from ATI.

    And World in Conflict had better be fixed... I reported that twice as soon as I found out it didn't run on the 10.9/10.9a drivers.

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