Looking to upgrade my old gaming rig, suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by eyehategod420, May 5, 2012.

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    GeForce 7950 GTX 512MB
    Hey Guru3D,

    I used to be a member on here but I guess over the years that I've been inactive, my profile was deleted. Anyways, hello again! When I was younger I was really in to keeping up with hardware and PC gaming, and I had a custom rig put together. But then I got out of it, especially as I went to college and didn't care anymore. Now I've got the itch to play games like The Witcher 2, and if I were going to play Battlefield 3 or even Skyrim, it would have to be on the PC and not my 360.

    Could anyone help me out here? What would be the cheapest way to make this happen? I'm thinking I may only need a new GPU and a new CPU, maybe some more ram? From my memory, here is my old rig:

    AMD 64 4200+
    4GB Corsair Deluxe DDR300
    500GB HDD?
    GeForce 7950 GTX 512MB. I can't remember the brand but it came pre-overclocked.
    Don't remember the motherboard, but it has 4 slots for RAM and SLI/PCI Express support.

    I had considered that maybe I could pick up another 7950 GTX and just run SLI, but I'm not sure if those are so dated that even two of them wouldn't do the trick. If I'm upgrading, I want to at least be able to play a game like The Witcher 2 on high settings, high resolution at a good framerate. But also there is trade-off because I'd like to get there as cheap as possible. Thanks for your help! Look forward to talking specs and hardware.
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    Budget? Sadly the only thing you can really do is build a whole new system from scratch. what you have is very dated.
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    Very true. The good thing is, you don't need to break the bank to get a computer capable of running modern games at med-high settings. If you give us a budget I'm sure someone can advise you on the best course of action.

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