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    2x 8800ultra (GT300 soon)
    I recently upgraded to claro halo xt

    For some time now, I've only been using my sennheiser headphones. Which are decent enough headphones to notice the improvement after upgrading. But now its time for me to find some speakers. Never used optical devices for anything before. The card supports Dolby Digital Live, DTS Interactive, S/PDIF Loopback. Any recommendations?

    I also have some old rca speakers lying around. They haven't been used in about four years or so. Anyways, without a subwoofer they're too quiet to be of any use. For some reason I believed I could just use rca speakers without the subwoofer. I guess not though. Any suggestions on how to get these to work would be appreciated too.
    Sorry for my noobness.

    PS. For clarification - the users manual wants me to plug both rca speakers and s.woofer directly into the card. Rather than speakers to subwoofer then subwoofer to soundcard. Which means the typical 5.1 speakers at retail stores won't work. (The three green/black/orange or front/rear/sub cables.) The subwoofer needs to use a single rca connection to be directly plugged into the soundcard.
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    if youre into high quality sound.. may i suggest yamaha msr250 http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/products/speakers/msr250/index.html

    you can build a 5.1 using 5x msr250


    as for subs it doesnt have to be single rca (LFE) only.. you can connect the sub out from xt to a dual (L+R) only in sub like the rythmik d15se http://www.rythmikaudio.com/D15SE.html

    so from each out from halo/xt an rca cable is run to the speaker/sub and split into 2 rca http://www.amazon.com/AudioQuest-splitter-female-15-24cm-cable/dp/B000BATDZ2

    hope this helps :)
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