Looking for software that can identify bottlenecks/limiations?

Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by V8VENOM, Aug 2, 2013.

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    I'm not really looking for benchmarking software, I'm more interested in software that can identify system bottlenecks. Basically starting from point A - the loading of data from HD/SSD to final display on monitor. Threaded and 64bit support would be nice. Needs to be able to monitor an executable and log (to file for later review) CPU/GPU and all I/O performance from start to finish including durations. Optimally something like this:

    File Open Request HD/SSD = 0.1 ms
    Data Move from Request to RAM (bus) = 0.06 ms
    Data Move from RAM to GPU RAM (bus) = 0.2 ms (if applicable)
    Data Calc from GPU to Display output = 0.3 ms

    Obviously this is simplified and the duration values are not real world, but hopefully it's enough to demonstrate what I'm looking for.

    I've used Process Monitor (v3.05) and File Monitor and Process Explorer but they don't have all the details I'm looking for. Any such software exists (Payware or freeware, don't care).

    Thanks, Rob

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