Looking for anyone who remember me or the guy behind this video card

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    28167293_1630403547077889_8311437873814258016_n.jpg Capturedam - Copy (2).png IMG_0302.jpg between the winter of 2009 and 2010 I build this insanity while I was in Iraq , I got really really lucky and got send to small place were I got right conditions and spare time to order all the components and build this rig., my user name was something like Lord Falken lordfalken14 o lordfarken no sure , but most likely everything about this was nuke in 2013 when the men in black ,You could say , took everything , for F ing with things that nobody should ever FFF with . such as Energy to mention one, I doubt that this profile can recover today . but my email was , wait i could send it over pm. a few years ago I tried this and someone here talked to me ,but the crap got real again ,it was bitch to finally get this cunts to leave me alone , but is over , now I can really go back to school , but will never happen because everything shut down , I tried to avoid by all means using pc again . but is not possible to do everything with the phone . damn windows 10 come with malware that cannot be removed . and Linux or whatever will never take over , but for the military equipment ,weapons and satellite ect. a linux based firmware , that haveonly exactly what it needs and nothing else . they don't take chances
    , there's two people that would remember me, one was a guy Have some relationship with Intel, that allow him to have motherboards with two CPU. the other was the Electronic Engineer behind the video card , he said that he avoid by all means commenting in forums, but this he had to because he needed to know how the F I make his card do things that he could not do himself . never got to answer that one property because my grammar was ass for one, and didn't know exactly what happened , now I know exactly what happens here
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