Looking for a new TV.

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    Wanna get a new one for Christmas...

    Have had a Sharp 32'' CRT TV since like 1999 / 2000, I think. Still has great picture, but it is getting old, it's huge, weighs a ton, and has problem with all the 16x9 16x10 content. Big black bars.

    Wanted a decent upgrade; I was thinking in the 42-46 inch range. Not opposed to 50-52 inch, but I kinda wanna spend 500-700$ish on it.

    I heard Plasma has the best picture, no blur, ectera, but it's heavier, consumes more power,

    LED / LCD is lighter, less power, ectera, but can't display great blacks.

    Lifespan is about the same these days; Plasma's no longer suffer from burn in issues.

    I also heard Panasonic for Plasma's.

    Was thinking this:


    Or for 50$ more, 46 inch:


    What do you think? Suggestions, thoughts? Ectera.
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