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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by tuco, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Hello Guru's :) Been using my samsung 2032bw 1680x1050 for two years now and very happy with the performance, but now looking for a new purchase.
    Obviously I want to up the resolution, I play games primarily, but watch the odd film. I'm looking for LCD, but neeed help RE aspect ratio in particular as well as the actual model, maybe the response time too. As far as cost is concerned, upper limit 300 or so UK pounds.
    I plan to keep this new monitor to use with hemlock/nvidia fermi and future gpus's (about two years) and not looking for uber crazy resolutions. Any help is very much appreciated. I'm also impressed with samsung, so recommendations from this brand are most welcome.

    I plan to part my current monitor with the second pc in my sig (for my girlfriend) and am considering a newer gpu (4870 cuz they are cheap) Any arguments against this, is my 8800 gts enough to play games like san andreas, mass effect, overlord and portal? If I changed the cpu what are my options to boost performance? If I ungraded to vista what implications for the Ram etc. Sorry if this is long winded or lazy of me, Iv'e been somewhat out of the tech lately, working alot. I built both pc's from scratch, but it seems like ages ago lol.

    Thanks Guru's.
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    Heres my suggestion :)


    Has a 16:10 resolution. you will be able to watch full hd shows/movies or just the new 1080p youtube clips :p in full resolution. 1080p content will be showing with a small black bar top and bottom since this screen is actually bigger than Full HD resolution wise.

    Ofc the above is true for any 1920x1200 monitor. this particular Samsung T260 is a well known and loved monitor both from what i heard on reviews and i know friends with both the T220 and T240 etc.

    20000:1 Dynamic contrast
    1920x1200 Resolution
    Has a dotpitch very similar to that of the 22" 1680x1050, means text/icons etc will have the same size on the screen... icons/text wont get smaller by going up in resolution because the dotpitch/diagonal size has followed propertinally up.. you want smaller text/icons etc. get the T240 instead.. thats 1920x1200 at a 24" resolution..
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