Looking for a new monitor, trying asus pb287q atm

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by SUnSpot, Apr 25, 2015.

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    So im looking to replace my old asus monitor cause o TONS o lightbleed.

    I bought the asus pb287q, but mine had a decent amount of lightbleed, its all around the frame and a big patch in lower left corner.

    The monitor is pretty impressive if I ignore the lightbleed, but im also watching alot of movies on the monitor, and darker areas in games piss me off.

    4k gaming is kinda cool, but Im on a single 970gtx so need to turn down som stuff to actually get 59fps in that resolution(capped at 59hz@4k).

    Managed to get Skyrim, gta V, xcom etc to run at 59fps steady but others just wont go over 30-45fps(Which I still find ok gaming frames).

    Most games run perfect with effects on with 1440p and I would be happy with that.

    Im not into competitive gaming, I dont care about 144hz over 60hz(tried both). Sure 144hz was nice and all but I dont need it.

    What im looking for is a screen with no lightbleed, Black should be black, not patchy grey/white areas.

    good for movies, and games

    and Im looking at PLS/IPS monitors atm, but all have 5MS, will that cause tearing and stuff?

    I dont really want to run back and forth trying every monitor for weeks, so any input would be great!
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    Hummm thats interesting! Did you try a replacement to see if it was just the screen that your rocking?

    To be honest, I have been rocking an LG 27EA63 for a while. It has a 5ms response rate and I dont experience tearing personally.

    If your watching a lot of movies I would suggest something like the Asus MX299Q. Great resolution along with amazing colors. I picked one of those up not long ago and I love it.

    Best of luck with the new screen hunt mate I am actually heading out looking for a set of screens for a build today as well. Cheers.
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