Looking for a new gaming/workstation laptop! Help please!

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by Thebrave85, Aug 23, 2021.

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    GTX 690 4GB
    Hey everyone I'm making a big move in about a week and I need something I can work on with my Adobe Creative Suite apps, as well as some moderate-high end gaming possibly. Something with the latest tech, doesn't need to be an rtx 3080 mobile, but probably a 3070 and at least one additional m.2. NvMe SSD slot so I can transfer my drive from my desktop over to it. 1080p gaming is fine, although 2k would be better, not looking for 4k yet. Budget is around $2,000.

    Thanks again!
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    nVidia 960m 2GB
    I bought an hp omen with a 10750h, 16gb of ram, 512mb ssd and a 3070. Comes with thunderbolt, hdmi 2.1 and display port. Really nice at gaming. Panel is a 300 hertz ips. But I connect it to a 1440p monitor and it does the job just fine. Gaming it maxes out fps on most games on my 144 hertz monitor. Really a nice little laptop. I paid 1650 for it at bestbuy.
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    Hi Therbrave85,

    For a gaming/workstation laptop look at MSI for starter's.
    MSI GE75 - Raider - 10SGS or Better. The MSI is my main computer/laptop with a Asus 27" 144hz 1ms at 1920*1080. All my racing/FPS games max out setting run super :cool::D Note OS Windows 11 Pro 21H2 22000.194. Hope it help's

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