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    I´m looking for a new performance cooler to replace the one in my card.
    I have a MSI 5700 Ultra.
    Can you help me.
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    At this point in time, there is not much about, Arctic-Cooling are meant to release a VGA cooler similar to the ones available for the ATI cards, but compatible with the Nvidia Fx and 6800 series in about 5 weeks or so, that would be the best bet.

    But if youwant a quick fix, just remove the gpu heatsink, which is flimsy I know, and clean it all up, and use a decent thermal compound, I gained 5mhz and a reduction in temps that way. I also did the ram chips, but be very very careful!

    I actually bent one heatsink due to too much tension, I took it off and bent it back, and now all is well, but I did get some AS5 on the board, so it would boot with weird characters and graphics lines and corruption in windows, however, careful cleaning sorted it, but be very careful!

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