Logitech Z506 or Creative Inspire T6100 ?? Help me with my decision

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    Hey guys, I am planning to buy good set of speakers for my PC. After going through many reviews, i am finally down to options - Logitech Z506 and Creative Inspire T6100. Both have good reviews and am not able to decide between the two. :bang:

    Creative has better output with 76 watts. 8Wx4(front and rear),18W centre and a 26W Sub.
    Logitech 8Wx4(Front and Rear) and a 16W Sub.

    Z506 costs more that T6100, and has better quality. But T6100 is cheaper and better output. :bang::bang:

    Please comment and help me decide guys. :bang:
    If it helps, i play a lot of games,movies and listen to loads of music.

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