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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dub dub, Apr 27, 2014.

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    So i am thinking of going with a liquid cooling loop in my new pc build. I would like to know what brands u think i should check out? Should I buy a kit or individual parts? Should i order from dazmods or frozen cpu or any others?? This a first for me when it comes to a pc build.. I have built plenty pc's but never have i built a liquid cooled pc! Im going for looks and also performance for overclocking as well.. It does look like i will be liquid cooling the cpu and gpu!
    Basically i'm looking for help here, i have yet to decide what exact gpu and cpu i'm getting because i'm playing the waiting game for some newly released products. One thing i do know is i will be getting corsair-graphite-series-760t!
    I'm from halifax Canada and want to know where i should order from , what products i should be looking at,kits, 1/2 inch tubbing, and what i should actually spend on this.. I would really like a nice resoivour such as the t-virus ones. This is pretty much the only thing i am worried about in my new build to come and just need some help/suggestions on this topic from guru community.. Help on this would be great!! I have read quite a bit on this but i am still struggling with what to choose, hope to hear from u soon:)
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    Hi mate, welcome to Guru3d.

    I can help you with some of the info, but cant really recommend where to get it from as Im over in the UK.

    In terms of brands, my usual go-to ones are EK, Aqua-computer (v.nice quailty gear, but a bit more pricey) & Heatkiller for waterblocks. XSPC make great radiators as do thermochill so check both of those guys out.

    Happy to recommend specific blocks once you have your parts sorted out. For radiators if you are cooling both CPU & GPU I would recommend starting with a triple 120 radiator. From the looks of the case you have chosen it should fit nicely in the roof. I have used both of the below and found them both to be really good:

    For reservoirs, do you know if you want a bay res or a tube res? A few I think are worth a look:

    The Monsoon enables you to mount a pump directly to it, there are versions that fit both Liang DDC & D5 pumps, which are both pretty standard choices for watercooling these days.

    Ive used the XSPC myself, and again you can buy it as a pump/res combination. This one is only for the D5 though.

    In terms of tube res's EK make the standard multi-res:

    Aquacomputer make some beautiful res's that are really well made and feel pretty heft as they are made from borosilicate glass. They also have a range of lighting & even water effects (their latest aqualis has a waterfountain type effect):

    They can be quite pricey though!

    Hopefully that gets you started... sorry for the UK links, but maybe someone else can give you pointers of where to buy over in canada!
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    This is a good one to check... maybe even the only one haha

    check them out
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    All the cooling you would ever need can be had with a GOOD AIO unit. The Swiftech H220 or 320 are the BEST AIO units available today. I don't think you can get one in the U.S. but they are available in Canada. Hard to believe how cool and quiet these thins are. I honestly see no need for any other type of cooler. And no maintaining liquid levels etc. Just hook it up and you're good to go. In my opinion.

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